ISO 27001 certificate – BSI

The ISO 27001 certificate, awarded by BSI, underscores that LCL operates good information security, site security and business continuity on all sites. ISO 27001 is one of the most important information security standards in the world, and especially in the data center industry an essential benchmark for good data security practice.

ISO 27001 is based on 3 pilars (C-I-A):

  • Confidentiality
  • Integrity
  • Availability

This standard helps organisations to secure their information assets. It uses a systematic approach to manage sensitive information so that the information remains secure. Management must be able to demonstrate that the organisation identifies, reviews, and manages security risks on an ongoing basis through the application of appropriate controls (risk management).

The integrity, confidentiality and availability of your data are guaranteed at LCL, so you can safely store company data. We apply clear, strict procedures to protect information and respond to potential disaster scenarios. The security of your data is also given high priority in the daily work of our employees. There is a good awareness of security risks in the data centers and for use of IT material, for example through specific cyber security trainings for employees.

“ISO 27001 is of great importance as regulatory requirements are increasing the need for data centers to offer high security of their data. It focuses, among other things, on logical security, physical & environmental security and security aspects of business continuity management. Physical security entails things such biometric access control and equipment maintenance. Besides that, it also proves high-quality IT systems that ensure privacy and stability”, says Mieke Germonprez, Quality Manager at LCL.

ISO 27001 was re-awarded to all LCL sites in November 2021 for the next 3 years, but it still requires a yearly surveillance audit to check its compliance. The entire company was involved in achieving the ISO re-certification. ISO 27001 re-certification demonstrates that LCL has invested in the people and technology to sufficiently protect the data it has stored. The re-certification is also of value when it comes to LCL’s sustainability approach.

We are currently working hard to achieve the new ISO 27001:2022 certification, which is the version updated in 2022. This new version is more focused on Cybersecurity as a rapidly increasing, global risk. ISO 27001:2022 also aligns with the NIS2 directive.


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