Would you like to transfer your datacenter to an external party? More and more companies are opting for warehousing, and with good reason. These datacenters are reliable (uptime), flexible and secure. As a company, do you want to focus on what is really important, i.e. on your business? If your answer is yes, at LCL you will find solutions specifically tailored to your IT needs. Prepared for anything and everything, but especially for the future.

LCL: the datacenter of the 21st century

Our datacenter is much more than a clean space filled with servers and routers. Because ultimately, it's all about your business data, full of sensitive information about your products, customers and staff. This is important, especially since the GDPR entered into force.

Optimum protection, primarily physical. Server rooms have secure (electric) fencing and access via a lock with a personalised code. This means that only authorised individuals with the right permissions will have access.

More up-to-date protective equipment?

  • Modern extinguishing techniques such as the environmentally friendly NOVEC 1230.
  • A lightning conductor to protect the building and the cooling and backup installations.
  • Cold corridors and cooling installations guarantee a constant temperature and humidity in the room itself.
  • UPS or Uninterruptible Power Supply ensures the electricity supply. A double battery set and (diesel) generators can absorb a power cut of weeks in the event of a shutdown plan. Monthly tests (mini-shutdown plan) ensure that the backup system works.
  • Redundancy: at least two systems operate independently of each other.
  • Accessibility 24/7: permanent monitoring by specialist personnel.


Admittedly, datacenters are power-hungry, mainly due to the intensive cooling. At LCL, we are therefore constantly looking for solutions to improve our energy efficiency. Scaling up is the first big step in the right direction, given that a large datacenter consumes less than individual units.

Outsourcing your datacenter = saving

As a company, you also naturally need to consider the costs. Good news: outsourcing a datacenter yields significant savings. This is evident from a thorough comparison with in-house datacenters. The difference can easily rise to 30% over a period of 10 years. For large companies, this can quickly amount to savings of €1 million. For smaller companies, the difference is smaller, but still worthwhile.

And, of course, external data storage also offers priceless peace of mind. You no longer have to spend time in a server room. It remains secure, up-to-date and compliant. Hidden costs disappear.

Hybrid data storage: more flexible than ever

Datacenters are not black and white. As a company, you have the option to combine your own server room with external data storage and the cloud. The hybrid IT environment is gaining in popularity, and offers sufficient flexibility for any company. Because your company evolves, innovates, grows ...

LCL – housing on a human scale

Would you like to house your ICT infrastructure at LCL? If so, you can choose a private or shared server room that meets your unique business needs. Because every context is different and requires a unique approach. Sometimes a single server room is sufficient, but often a hybrid approach is preferred.

At LCL, you enjoy a personal approach on a human scale. Each of our datacenters has a cosy corner where you can chat, relax or continue working. You and your colleagues can use it for free.

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Cold corridors server housing at LCL

Connect to the digital future

Power outages, lightning strikes, fire, overheating, hacking… These are all potential dangers that can bring down your IT infrastructure. And, of course, you need to keep a watchful eye on the continuity of your business at all times. That is why it is better to place servers full of data with an external party that complies with the highest standards and ensures uptime thanks to generators, cooling, monitoring, etc.

At LCL, you also choose from more than 40 telecomms operators who support your business. And you enjoy additional services through partnerships such as Equinix.

Over the past few decades, we have become the benchmark for datacenters in Belgium. Hence our slogan: reliable, available, connected.

Discover the monitoring of our server rooms

Benefits of housing data center

Your business servers are looked after by us at five different locations (LCL Brussels-North (head office), LCL Brussels-West, LCL Brussels-South, LCL Antwerp and LCL Wallonia One) for optimal uptime. LCL is your trusted advisor thanks to major technical innovation, continuous monitoring and specialist staff. Feel free to view our certificates.

  • More flexibility
  • Lower investment cost
  • Greater security (also in combination with the cloud)


Do you need a solution tailored to your IT needs and business context? At LCL, we move with the trends and resolutely opt for a well thought-out approach. Ask our experts for advice.

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