Our team, your team

The LCL team consists of passionate employees with unparalleled expertise and practical experience. We all contribute to the same mission: guaranteeing your business continuity by focusing on creating reliable, available and connected data centers.

You know your company through and through, and we know ours. We are happy to put all our heads together to find the best solution for your company.

Our team is also your team, you can rely on that.

Meet our team

Camille Quatre-Coeurs
Online Marketing and Event Coordinator
Abdellah Mahlous
Operations Manager
Joris Robbeets
Service Delivery Manager
Daniel Fiorucci
Senior Facilities Engineer
Floris Smits
Project Department Manager
Marc Mesens
Installation and Maintenance Technician
Noah Peeters
Customer Officer
Sam Berckmans
IT Systems Manager
Antje Letens
Business Project Coordinator
Hysni Kola
Field Technician
David Schauwvliege
Senior Facilities Engineer
Amor El Bekri
Field Supervisor
Valérie Van Roy
Marketing and Communication Manager
Tim Bauwens
Ann Segers
Office Manager
Laura D'hertefelt
Operations Assistant
Steve De Craene
Finance Manager
Alexander Lesuisse
Facilities Engineer
Aurélie Vermeulen
Management Assistant LCL Wallonia One
Thomas Eloy
Field Technician
Nicolas Coppée
Data Center Manager LCL Wallonia One
Laurent Eloy
Field Technician
Baudouin Corlùy
Commercial Director
Robert van Beurden
Business Developer
Steve Geerts
Field Technician
Laurens van Reijen
Managing Director
Nick Velle
Facilities Project Manager
Mieke Germonprez
Quality Manager
Philippe Lipinski
Business Developer
Stéphane Mascart
Facilities Project Manager
Steven Roelants
Facilities Project Manager
Hugo Van Damme
Pre Sales Consultant
Fabienne Frisson
Human Resources and Office Manager
Peter Struyf
Field Technician
Yannick Coppieters
System and Monitoring Engineer
Pierre Bury
Business Developer
Hilde Sevenants
Andreas Rojas Palma
Business Developer
Robby Heyligen
Operations Assistant
Marie Demeyer
Human Resources Officer
Joke Bruyninckx
Critical Infrastructure Manager
Ala Cebotar
Financial Assistant
Roel Clerbout
Field Technician

Come and meet us!

Would you like to get to know one of our colleagues? You can find us at our five different locations: LCL Brussels-North (head office), LCL Brussels-West, LCL Brussels-South, LCL Antwerp and LCL Wallonia One. Feel free to drop by for an informal chat. Or just for a coffee. We are always here for you!

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