The cloud plays an important role in the digital transformation of companies. After all, that is mainly where innovation takes place and it is happening at a rapid pace. More and more companies are migrating their data to the cloud: private, public or hybrid. Trend of the moment? The hybrid cloud solution in combination with a data center, the best of both worlds. At LCL you get a user-friendly, fast and flexible solution thanks to our partnership with Equinix.

Which cloud solution is right for your company?

Many new applications are installed in the cloud immediately and then scaled when successful. Developers therefore think of containers (Kubenetes and Docker) so that they function in different architectures.

But when do you choose which cloud solution? For rapidly scalable applications, the public cloud would appear to be appropriate. For workloads that do not need to be scaled, the preference is for the private cloud, because it is cheaper. Hybrid cloud combines the best of both worlds for a successful digital transformation: scalable and reliable.

New sector-oriented clouds are on the rise. Companies are given a free choice via multicloud environments.

LCL as an enabler of hybrid cloud

In the LCL data centers you find the best location for a platform that connects to the public cloud: Azure Stack, AWS Outposts, Anthos, etc. Via ECX Fabric, this is even done with direct connections.

LCL establishes a connection within minutes: a FastConnect to Oracle, Azure ExpressRoute, AWS Direct Connect, IBM Cloud Direct Link, Alibaba Express Connect, Google Cloud Interconnect, OVHcloud Dedicated Connect, etc.

Does your company want an on-premises solution? An exchange hub provides integration with the public cloud and the LCL operator ecosystem.

Feel free to ask for our advice. We ensure that your data is accessible in a flexible, scalable and cost-efficient way. But as the Belgian market leader in data centers, we also guarantee you optimal security and redundancy (uptime).

Our SI partners help your company with a total service: from bare metal servers to full management of a private cloud.

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Data center + cloud = 3

Why is an external data center promoting the cloud?

  • Because it is also about the availability of your company data
  • Because the appropriate (hybrid) solution supports your business in the most flexible and manageable way
  • Connectivity

All systems are interconnected and accessible all over the world. As a cloud-neutral data center, we offer a wide choice of carriers. And with us you also get immediate access to the Equinix Fabric, a platform for connecting easily and quickly with the most common public clouds in the world. In this way, as a company, you can choose the most suitable solution or the cheapest offer.

In short, the success of your IT solution only starts with a move to an LCL data center thanks to our network and digital ecosystem.

The data center is key in the architecture for cloud, and the best resources can be found at LCL.

Cloud strategy at LCL

Data center + cloud + GAIA-X = 30

The GAIA-X framework was set up based on European values, data privacy, data sovereignty, European legislation and data location. LCL joins this federated ecosystem as a GAIA-X node and forms a neutral place for data sharing.

Thanks to GAIA-X, users know where the data is stored. This results in better legal control options.

Equinix Cloud Exchange Fabric

The hybrid cloud solution is on the rise in the business world. Major challenge? Integrating the different applications in a user-friendly way.

LCL uses Equinix Fabric (ECX Fabric™) in order to retain the overview. Specifically? You can put together a multicloud IT solution via a single port. You connect with the largest providers (e.g. Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, Oracle, AWS, Alibaba, etc.) via the LCL connection platform. And you also change instant settings, e.g. the available bandwidth.

Sounds simple for a complicated process, but we like to make it easy for you as a company. After all, you want to focus on your business as much as possible.

Advantages of our partnership with Equinix?

  • Total scalability: grow with your company
  • Optimal security: LCL Disaster recovery, connection over a secured private network + Equinix Smartkey
  • Virtually connected: Maximum speed
  • Global and local: Brussels as a base for worldwide connections
  • One single connection: simple + overview

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Cloud connectivité at LCL

Cloud strategy on a human scale

Every company is different and needs a tailor-made approach to connectivity. Some business data, applications or processes still thrive better in a local server environment, others in the public cloud. But the range of services offered is extensive. Make sure you place your workloads in the right cloud. LCL helps you determine a global connectivity plan for your data.

A detailed cloud strategy maps out which cloud services you need where. Our experts are happy to help you with this analysis. As a trusted advisor, we come to the ideal solution together with your company.

During that process, a lot of attention is paid to compliance: ISO27001, ISAE 3402 type II and PCI/DSS. So as a company, you can be sure of a safe solution.

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LCL cloud solutions

IT infrastructure is getting more complex every day. In the first place, the management of your data, but also its availability. That is why LCL offers a total solution: storage and connectivity. A multi-cloud solution in one single connection. Easy and clear

  • Cost-efficient
  • Scalable
  • Reliable
  • Expertise
  • Neutrality (cloud provider and carrier)
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