Innovation and co-creation go hand in hand. Customers in our business are not only looking for commodity or standard solutions, they want a full customer experience. To make this happen, it is important to establish “common ground” with you and our partners (e.g. telecomms operators and system integrators). This common ground forms the basis on which we continue to build together, taking into account each other's specific domain knowledge and ideas. This way we can always offer you the best data management and connectivity solutions.

This cross-fertilisation creates an important value advantage for both you and our partners within a digital ecosystem with a common goal.

Co-creation and your digital transformation

Co-creation conquered the IT sector a long time ago. Accelerated digital transformation requires a diversity of knowledge and professional customisation at the same time. LCL wants to be a neutral, digital platform or digital hub where we involve partners in co-creating the optimum customer experience for your company.  By bringing together all the pieces of the puzzle within the ecosystem, we not only generate sustainable value for your company, but also a win/win situation for you and our business partners.

In concrete terms, this means that we start by identifying where our strengths lie. Then we look in our ecosystem for the partners who can fill in the missing pieces of the puzzle. Combining different areas of expertise is the best way to guarantee the successful co-creation of your optimum customer experience. 

This digital hub, which is constantly evolving, connects external partners according to your needs as a customer. In addition to our customers, the following parties can also be involved:

  • Carriers or telecom operators (+40)
  • System integrators
  • Community partners
  • Public cloud providers
  • Solution providers
  • Managed Service providers


A good example is the integration of an international cloud exchange platform at LCL. We noticed that many customers needed secure and reliable connectivity to any public cloud. This provides them with the necessary scalability in their own, unique digital transformation at all times, and without having to depend on a traditional data center.

The design of our ecosystem goes beyond technology partners. We also maintain a partnership with a financial institution that helps fund investments in IT. This is another added value of our ecosystem.

Co creation puzzle teamwork LCL Data Centers

Gaia-X: an example of co-creation of the future

Gaia-X is a new European initiative that creates a supreme and self-determining ecosystem of cloud and data services within Europe. The system complies with the new European data regulation (GDPR), installs a European standard and promotes IT innovation for companies. The goal? To strengthen Europe's position in the global data economy!

LCL is the main GAIA-X hub in Belgium. This once again underlines our desire to be the neutral platform for companies, where data can be shared securely and where digital ecosystems can be created.

Connectivity to our digital platform

Thanks to our partnership with more than 40 telecom operators, LCL is Belgium’s largest interconnection point. This wide choice of partners enables you as a company to always choose the most suitable or most advantageous solution. In terms of costs, you often rely on a very limited number of local providers in your own in-house data center. Not the ideal starting point for negotiating.

As a trusted advisor, we are happy to guide you to the best solution for managing your connectivity.

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Why LCL? 

Our broad network or ecosystem, combined with the co-creation principle, is the best guarantee for a high-quality and cost-efficient solution.

This is how we proceed:

  1. You tell us everything about your business needs
  2. Our experts think in a proactive way
  3. You will then receive a well thought-out and affordable proposal from us


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