Connectivity is important, with this becoming more apparent than ever in 2020. Connectivity between people, but also online between hubs, data centers, providers, media companies, etc. This is the only way we can remain constantly connected to the Internet and/or business locations. In order to guarantee a fast, secure and reliable connection, your company has the choice of more than 40 providers with us.

Why is connectivity so important?

Connectivity in a business context is about connecting online via a network consisting of countless nodes.

The biggest challenge? Exchanging data quickly and flexibly, in a scalable and secure manner.

(Almost) everything is done online today. The availability of data naturally depends on the quality of the connection. In other words: the speed at which data travels from one point to another. Fast connections are therefore the norm, especially in a business context. They determine productivity for employees, partners and online shoppers.

Everything that happens online is located in data centers nowadays. Without data centers, no Internet. But you’re not going to be very happy with that without a connection. Connectivity is essential for today's digital economy.

That is why LCL is known as the best connected data center in Belgium. Thousands of fibre pairs enter the building via different paths. A large number of operators have a fully developed Point-of-Presence at LCL.

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LCL employee connectivity data center

Connectivity at LCL: more than 40 providers

Companies that maintain their own data center depend on the local provider or the local network for connectivity. The big drawback? They cannot negotiate on price, because the provider has a local monopoly. An external data center like LCL offers a wide choice of several telecomms operators.. This is a major advantage when it comes to quality – solutions tailored to your company – and rates. LCL is carrier-neutral and provides the best deal.

LCL has grown into the largest hub in Belgium thanks to our partners who also interconnect. Feel free to review the entire list in one of our meet-me-rooms, ask our experts any questions, and enjoy our personal approach. Or take a look at our Connectivity Brochure.

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Fast, secure and reliable solutions

Companies with an internal data center sometimes have to deal with outages when things go wrong. For example, a damaged cable due to work being carried out in the area. At LCL, your company enjoys optimal connectivity. Uptime assured.


Connect directly to the so-called TIER 1 providers, the backbone providers of the Internet. They transport the Internet worldwide for operators and content providers (websites, Netflix, etc.) Connecting to these internet backbones is done without intermediaries. Need more speed? The Belgian node BNIX facilitates internet traffic.

International network

All major international networks pass through LCL. Does your company operate internationally? Then a node (or virtual ramp) at LCL may offer a solution. Do you need data center space in other countries? Feel free to ask for our advice.

Nationale connectivity

Need to develop a national network with the various providers at LCL? Our local connectivity champions provide dark fibre, fibre channel, 10 Gigs or regular (and slightly slower) copper connections.

Government networks

The fibre networks of governments have found a home at LCL (without tendering). Citizens’ data is safe and secure with us. And that is necessary more than ever since the adoption of the GDPR.

Directly connected to the cloud

Thanks to our partnership with Equinix Cloud Exchange Fabric, you get access to all public cloud and SaaS providers via a single port. In short, connect securely with all parties worldwide via a private connection thanks to Equinix.


In short, an external data center like LCL offers optimal security thanks to a redundant network, broad telecomms environment and optimum connectivity.

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LCL cable management connectivity

LCL: Ecosystem guarantees connectivity

LCL facilitates the largest connectivity ecosystem in Belgium. Operators are sometimes competitors, but they also work together. For example, to connect to the right network, even if this is via another operator. They complement each other perfectly in that area.

Thanks to LCL, national operators buy Internet connections from international internet backbone providers. This enables their customers to enjoy an optimal surfing experience. Exchanging national data is instant via BNIX. Content Delivery Networks provide for a robust Internet.

LCL also offers direct connections to the public cloud.

International operators find a marketplace at LCL for connections to every corner of the country. The architecture of a national network starts with LCL.

An ecosystem only exists thanks to a structured approach. How do we achieve this?

  • Reliable cabling
  • Rapid installation of cross connects between customers
  • Meet-me rooms for cables

The meet-me-rooms platform is a cheap way to connect, and a win-win situation for providers in Belgium. We create value for our customers.

At LCL, the direct exchange of internet traffic, also known as Peering, is done directly or via BNIX and NL-ix.

Just call us the beating heart of Belgian connectivity.

Tailor-made connectivity

Every business context is different and deserves a tailor-made solution. At LCL, you as a company enjoy a connection to an ecosystem that is still growing, especially online. Choose the operator that best suits your business needs or workload via one of our three locations in Belgium.

Why connect via LCL?

  • More than 40 operators
  • Carrier-neutral
  • 2 meet-me rooms
  • Extra bandwidth
  • Structured cable management
  • Access to fibre network
  • Fast follow-up and implementation
  • Accessible 24/7

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