Commercial Director Baudouin Corlùy: LCL Data Centers will be celebrating a jubilee year in 2022: it’s been 20 years since LCL was founded. In those two decades, LCL has developed into a leading, progressive data center, where enthusiasm still prevails. The fact that LCL also won the "Data Center Services Company of the Year" award this year is an additional reason to pause and reflect on 20 years of LCL.

Baudouin C

Corlùy explains LCL's success through the cohesion of a number of elements. “When LCL was launched, in 2002, the word 'digitisation' was not a top priority for many companies. Over the years, the added value of IT for businesses has grown. This is partly due to the growth of technology and cloud, realisation of the added value of digital transformation, and the need for a different way of working.”

“But it is also due to the vision of Laurens van Reijen, the founder of LCL, who saw possibilities in something that was still unimaginable back then. This has evolved into the wonderful organisation we are today. And, of course, due to the enthusiasm of the employees who make it all possible. Customers and suppliers who call in to LCL also notice this immediately: there is an atmosphere within LCL that revolves around professionalism and passion for customer-focused solutions. This is the passion LCL started with 20 years ago and which it has succeeded in maintaining. And this ensures quality and the necessary results.”

Sustainable future

The company is proud of the last two decades and is looking forward to the future with enthusiasm. Corlùy: "What makes LCL unique is our focus on the issues close to our hearts. Future plans include implementing new innovative solutions for customers and rolling out sustainability projects. We therefore have people who deal specifically with these issues. This is the case, for example, for improving the quality of our services, including the certification of our data centers. This makes us the most certified data center on the Belgian market. The same is true for sustainability projects. We are 100% committed to developing sustainable solutions and are investing heavily to contribute to the Paris Agreement goals of reducing global warming.”


‘Data Center Services Company of the Year’

The fact that LCL recently received the "Data Center Services Company of the Year" award at the 23rd edition of the Data News Awards is therefore a culmination of 20 years of targeted work on LCL's progressive mission. The winner was determined by a public vote and a professional jury.
The jury report states:
‘LCL has made a tremendous impression with regard to quality over the years, but the company does much more than simply manage the concrete building around your servers. LCL is fully committed to certification and has had our country's first Tier-III data center since last summer. At the same time, it is also striving to reduce its carbon footprint as much as possible. That is what convinced the jury to choose Laurens van Reijen's company.’

Corlùy: “We are absolutely delighted with this award. It confirms the added value that LCL wants to deliver on the Belgian market. Customer intimacy and co-creation are key components of our strategy: that means we are always there for our customers to consult proactively with them about the best way to cater for their needs. Our employees are proud of this award, because it symbolises recognition of their very hard work.” Corlùy also sees it as confirmation of LCL's future plans. “It reinforces our strategy of continuing to invest in what we do well: customer-focused data centers.”

Want to know more about LCL Data Centers? Check out our pages on sustainability, co-creation and certificates at LCL.

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