Every day, Input for You processes hundreds of thousands of documents, often containing highly confidential information. "Hospitals, insurers, health funds, industrial players, utilitiy companies, leasing companies, service voucher providers... rely on our speed, quality, and reliability to outsource a significant portion of their back-office operations and reduce costs," says Stephan Cornelis, General Manager at Input for You. "It goes without saying that our customers closely monitor the security of their sensitive data. LCL Data Centers plays a crucial role in earning their trust."

When Stephan Cornelis, one of the three founders, launched Input for You in 2006, the paperless society was still a faraway dream. "We started by digitizing very large analog archives, such as the one at UZ Leuven, where we processed two million files - 100 million pages. Before this digital transformation, thirty people at UZ were responsible for retrieving files from the shelves for consultations, but now everything is digital. We scanned about one in three archives of Belgian hospitals."

That was then. This is now. Stephan Cornelis explains, "We make companies with a high volume of incoming mail - both on paper and electronic (mail and uploads) - digitally intelligent through our automated processing." Input for You's client list is extensive, including major players in the insurance and service sector, leasing companies, utilitiy companies, manufacturing, health funds, and more. "We extract crucial data from their various sources and prepare it for internal processing, accounting, automated payments... We filter relevant data from 300,000 service vouchers daily - totaling 2 million pieces of data. Sodexo, for example, receives fully structured output from us, enabling them to work with it further. For insurers, we do the same for claims, both for hospital insurance and life and non-life insurance. For leasing companies, we process items such as traffic fines, and we handle incoming invoices for the Spanish Paradores hotels and many other industrial and retail companies."

Artificial intelligence helps manage these massive data flows, but where AI falls short, manual processing takes over. The goal is to achieve 99.5% accuracy in processing and speed. "This way, we minimize the workload in our clients' back offices, allowing them to focus on their core business," says Stephan Cornelis.

Stephan Cornelis
Stephan Cornelis, Co-founder and General Manager at Input for You

"Our growth has quadrupled since 2018, while our electricity consumption has decreased by a third. Like LCL Data Centers, we invest in more efficient and energy-saving equipment." – Stephan Cornelis

A secure home for sensitive data

Input for You is responsible not only for accurate administrative processing but also for the security of often sensitive (medical) data. As Data Protection Officer (DPO), Pierre De Landsheere oversees privacy and IT infrastructure, making him a frequent visitor at LCL Data Centers. "We can't just place the data we process anywhere in any data center or in the cloud. We need much more control over the physical placement and processing of that information. That's why in 2018, we chose to become a direct customer of LCL Data Centers, where we house our own hardware and manage backups and data retention (crucial for GDPR) ourselves. LCL Data Centers takes care of the physical security of our equipment, which involves access control, power redundancy, air conditioning, fire detection and prevention, among other things..."

Another factor in our choice is LCL's carrier neutrality. "It helps us to be as independent as possible. We can choose our own connectivity to our office and the rest of the internet. This way, we can easily interconnect with our customers and switch operators if needed."

Critical process

Like LCL Data Centers, Input for You holds an ISO 27001 certification for data security. "We had it audited by an external auditor, not out of mistrust, but to ensure compliance with LCL with absolute certainty. It goes without saying that customers only entrust us with their data after a thorough screening process. Ultimately, we take care of a critical business process: if there were an issue on our end, it would have a significant impact on our clients. They want to see what technical and organizational measures we take to minimize risks. Thanks to LCL Data Centers' ongoing investment in equipment, processes, and compliance, we can demonstrate that we are in one of the best physical locations in Belgium for hosting our operations. This helps build and maintain trust with our clients."

Reducing environmental impact

LCL Data Centers places a high emphasis on sustainability (more details in our sustainability report). Input for You also makes efforts to reduce its ecological footprint. Stephan Cornelis explains, "Our growth has quadrupled since 2018, while our electricity consumption has decreased by a third. Like LCL Data Centers, we invest in more efficient and energy-saving equipment. Indirectly, there is, of course, an impact on our customers, who reduce their paper usage thanks to our digital transformation and solutions."

Input For You

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