"Over 5 years of collaboration, LCL has become a true partner we can rely on," explains Dimitri Rolin, CEO of TechIT.be. "They are professional, expert, local, available and responsive. That's why we didn't hesitate to renew our contract with them to guarantee the continuity of our services over the next 5 years.”

A hardworking SME active in the telecom sector

Founded in 2010, TechIT.be is an SME with a workforce of 20 people operating in the telecom sector. TechIT.be is a supplier of Internet access, fixed and mobile telephone services and hosting of cloud solutions such as data and VDI work servers and back-up solutions. TechIT.be also acts as an integrator for its customers to help them deploy their infrastructure in their own offices. Their customers range from 3 to 5 person VSEs to 400 to 500 person SMEs. TechIT.be listens closely to its customers and offers them customised solutions that meet their needs. The availability of services and the optimal functioning of the network are therefore key factors for TechIT.be.

Dimitri Rolin, CEO of TechIT.be, explains: "Following availability problems with our access provider, we decided five years ago to install our own infrastructure in a data center in order to guarantee access to our services and ensure that they are always available.”  The search for a data center brought him to LCL, which was able to assist him throughout the research and negotiation phase. LCL helped the company understand the challenges of the situation and make the decisions that were needed to select the best solution. LCL always puts the customer at the centre of the relationship and the proximity and availability of its teams are essential.

Looking for a trusted partner

Before transferring its servers to LCL, TechIT.be hosted its infrastructure with a cloud provider that delivered managed services. Unfortunately, it encountered availability problems that led it to change its strategy. In 2017, TechIT.be took the decision to manage the hosting of its infrastructure itself. However, the company was new to hosting and didn't know what to expect. After researching what was available on the market, the company selected potential partners and visited data centers to get a clearer idea. 

LCL was able to explain the ins and outs of how a data center works: from server hosting to the cloud and connectivity, not forgetting the creation of ecosystems, all in an environmentally friendly manner. As a result of the meeting with LCL, the in-depth visit to the data center, the welcome and the expert advice they received, TechIT.be promptly chose LCL as its partner and main operating point in Wallonia.

TechIT.be's challenge was to find a local data center that could guarantee permanent availability and accessibility at a reasonable price. The transfer of the infrastructure to LCL was carried out in stages. TechIT.be chose to install its own servers at LCL and was thus able to manage the migration of its customers as it went along. This allowed for a smooth transition, with virtually no interruption of services.

Dimitri Rolin

Availability, responsiveness and efficiency

TechIT.be set out to find the best partner for its needs, by contacting and organising visits to several data centers. At LCL, the company’s representatives received a warm welcome and were given a thorough tour of the facilities to understand how the data center works. Access procedures, security measures and technical specifications were explained in detail before the negotiations even began. To ensure that TechIT.be had all the information it needed before making a decision, a simulation of the integration was created, reassuring the company that everything would go well.

Nicolas Coppée, Data Center Manager LCL Wallonia One, was able to give advice and guidance on the decisions to be made. The company received excellent support and recommendations before the contract was signed, providing it with the necessary confidence. Not only was LCL well positioned in terms of space rental costs, but also electricity costs. "But what made the difference," says Dimitri, "was the layout of the site, how clean it was, the ease of access and explanations received, and the high availability rates. All these elements convinced us that LCL should be our new partner."

After the contract was signed, everything went exactly as explained during the negotiations. When it came to installing the servers in the colocation cabinets, LCL provided exceptional support. A technician was available on site to assist if needed and even the security guards helped without being asked. There were no major concerns at the time of installation. LCL's responsiveness was exemplary.

"LCL has become a true partner we can rely on," says Dimitri. "They are local, available and give each customer the attention needed. Even after several months without contact, they are responsive and efficient when called upon."

Excellent performance without any downtime in five years

The installation of the servers at LCL has had a positive impact on TechIT.be's customers: availability has increased, which has improved the accessibility and quality of services provided to customers.

LCL Wallonia One is well built and efficiently managed: the teams in place are professional and experienced. The technicians keep the facilities in excellent condition and take action in advance to prevent any breakdowns. In the event of minor issues or incidents, LCL is responsive at all levels: technical, commercial and via marketing, depending on customer needs. All teams work together to deliver exceptional service.

In addition, LCL is very active in researching and implementing solutions to reduce its carbon footprint and protect the environment by generating as much green energy as possible for the data center. Sustainability is an important element that is taken into consideration in all its processes.

As the services provided by TechIT.be depend to a large extent on the equipment hosted at LCL, the partnership is therefore of paramount importance over the coming years. In five years of collaboration, TechIT.be has not encountered a single problem in its collaboration with LCL. Day after day, it has been confirmed that the company made the right choice. When the contract was due for renewal last August, TechIT.be signed without hesitation.

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