Citymesh is a West Flemish telecom operator, specialising in the development of large-scale wireless networks for the B2B market. It provides wi-fi networks to various holiday parks, cities and events, and was also able to acquire part of the 5G spectrum. This allows some ports and urban sites to currently use a private 5G ready network via Citymesh.


Thanks to the 5G licence, Citymesh can support emergency services using drones. “We can send drone pilots to the scene of the accident via the reliable 5G-ready network. This enables the drones to collect additional information and deliver it to the emergency services before they reach the site”, says Mitch De Geest, CEO of Citymesh. The drone pilots work from the Citymesh control center.

Challenge: finding a reliable data center partner to support growth

“Continuity is crucial to guaranteeing good service for our customers. The networks have to function in an excellent way at all times.” It also had to be possible for Citymesh to connect to a suitable telecom operator for each customer and location. The data center partner must therefore also be able to allow connections with a wide range of operators.

The choice of a data center partner was an important factor for Citymesh. It helps determine the quality of the networks it builds for its customers.

"Continuity is crucial to guaranteeing good service for our customers.. The networks have to function in an excellent way at all times.” – Mitch De Geest, CEO Citymesh

lcl citymesh

Solution: at sea with lcl

In 2010, Citymesh chose LCL as its new data center partner. “Customers can count on our services, partly because we can rely on LCL. Our new data center partner invests in extensive back-up systems, so we can rest assured about continuity.” The high degree of redundancy and security at LCL have therefore made Citymesh even more convinced about the cooperation.


“Besides stability, LCL also offers an extensive choice of telecom operators. This allows us to be flexible when providing our services. We can always consider which operator is most suitable in a specific context”, says De Geest. And connectivity really is LCL’s hobbyhorse. You can contact LCL for both traditional fibre optic connections and for backbone connections.

“Optimal connectivity is crucial for the networks that Citymesh sets up,” says Laurens van Reijen, managing director at LCL. “We also see that more and more data needs to be exchanged between networks. In that respect too, connectivity is therefore becoming increasingly important. For example, self-driving cars cannot function without this fast data exchange between the operators."

Future-oriented partner

LCL is a future-oriented data center”, says Mitch De Geest. “It closely follows the developments in the telecom market, just as we do. They also have a unique position for networking in the sector. Their team puts us in touch with the right people.”

Added business value

Reliable service
Wide choice of telecom operators
A future-oriented partner with the right connections

Would you also like to work with LCL? Feel free to contact us. Our experts will work with you to find a tailor-made solution.

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