A digital ecosystem is a collection of interconnected information technology tools that work together as a unit. Depending on the industry or company in question, digital ecosystems can consist of various contractors, stakeholders, partners, products, suppliers, applications, third-party data services, and all necessary relevant technology that are interconnected in a digital space. One way to support a successful digital ecosystem is by utilizing a colocation data center like LCL, which offers good scalability and performance.

An example is the accelerated digital transformation in the (international) media and broadcast industry. The rapid shift from television to digital and the increase in online streaming due to the coronavirus pandemic have combined to make media broadcasters look for new solutions, as a cloud solution alone is no longer sufficient. Broadcasters will also need to focus on a media ecosystem and increased (international) cooperation in order to fully utilize technical developments. To respond to these new developments, media and broadcast parties are looking for one innovative data center like LCL, where different providers of these developments are located together.

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