Companies that maintain their own data center are reliant on the local provider or the local network for connectivity. Carrier-neutral data centers like LCL are facilities that operate completely independently of the network provider. This means that they allow for interconnectivity between multiple telecom operators and colocation providers. This offers many benefits:

  • Different national and international carriers: LCL is known for its impressive list of national and international carriers. This provides the opportunity for more redundant solutions and a higher uptime guarantee. To further underscore this neutrality, we only offer housing, not hosting.
  • More freedom and flexibility in solutions: With a carrier-neutral data center like LCL, as a customer, you have many options for connecting to any network. Based on specific business requirements, we design and manage an infrastructure that provides each customer with the best conditions and services. All types of networks (MPLS, IP-VPN, IP-transit, VoIP, and video) are also available.
  • Favorable pricing: Competition between the various carriers is strong, which has a price-reducing and innovation-enhancing effect that every customer benefits from.

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