To get a good picture of the CO₂ emissions, it is important to look at the total energy consumption of a data center, including the way it generates energy. More and more data centers are becoming (environmentally) more efficient thanks to a mix of different sustainable energy sources. For example, if a data center runs entirely on renewable energy sources like solar or wind power, the CO₂ emissions will be significantly lower than when the data center still operates on fossil fuels.

At LCL Data Centers, sustainability is in our DNA. We make great efforts to take our energy into our own hands. In early 2021, our ideas contributed to the foundation of the Climate Neutral Data Center Pact  to support the European Green Deal, and in 2022, we became the first Belgian data center company to join the SBTi (Science Based Targets Initiative). With this commitment, we aim for real impact, based on scientific insights.

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