Tobania is moving more than 150 clients from its own data centers to LCL.
Diegem, February XX, 2016 - Tobania, total provider of IT solutions and managed services, will now use LCL's data center infrastructure for itself and its clients. The company is abandoning both of its own data centers. At the same time, Tobania wants to move towards a brand-new converged server technology in order to deliver enhanced business continuity to its clients. More than 150 clients will move to LCL in the coming months, without them even realizing it.

Tobania is hosting more and more solutions as the trend is increasingly moving towards a hybrid cloud. "Some opt for a private cloud, others a public cloud, and still others a combination of the two," says Lode Peeters, CEO of Tobania. “What we want to avoid at all costs is a lock-in. The new technology we will be using and the neutrality, scale and independence of LCL will enable us to guarantee clients optimum scalability. ”

Tobania's new racks at LCL will be filled with brand-new servers with converged server technology. This infrastructure is specifically optimized for aspects such as virtualization, routing and data storage by means of the software that has been written for the purpose. The strength of this technology also lies in load balancing for any applications on the server. The new technology offers Tobania's clients more stability and enhanced management capabilities, while also meeting expectations as a hybrid cloud model. Tobania has ambitious plans for growth, both in terms of the range of services it offers and in terms of the number of clients. In order to achieve this ambition, they need to be able to call upon a top-notch infrastructure, and that includes the data center.

Internal or external data center?

"Most businesses have moved away from developing internal data centers," Lode Peeters further remarked. “In addition to demanding an enormous investment, you come up against cloud data centers such as Azure and Amazon and local giants such as Proximus or Cegeka. The investment required to reach the same level of performance means an acceptable ROI is out of the question. It is a much better option to move to LCL, a company that is exclusively specialized in this area, meets the most stringent standards and security requirements, and continuously invests in data center infrastructure and expansion. LCL offers the additional advantage that its data centers are also used by public services. This not only increases confidence, but also allows for link to government networks with virtually no loss or bandwidth, which is key for tenders for public contracts, "Peeters concludes.

Lode Peeters believes that there is significant consolidation yet to come in the data center industry, but is confident that LCL is already of sufficient scale today to be able to avoid that.
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