Exxoss offers businesses comprehensive support with their IT strategy and systems. A Walloon technology company, Exxoss provides businesses with tailor-made IT services in three areas: IT infrastructure management, cloud and software environment management, and business process analysis (process and change management). Thanks to this wide range of activities and the vast amount of knowledge available within the company, the Exxoss team are capable of working with many different types of technology.

De sterkte van Exxoss is dat het bedrijven bijstaat met een breed aanbod IT-services, gaande van onderzoek tot implementatie. Het bedrijf analyseert eerst de noden van klanten en zoekt op basis daarvan naar een oplossing. Exxoss neemt ook het onderhoud achteraf voor zijn rekening. In verschillende datacenters biedt Exxoss IT-diensten aan, waaronder ook in dat van LCL in Diegem.

Exxoss's strength is its extensive offer of IT services, which range from research to implementation. The company starts by performing an analysis of the customer's needs, which it then uses as a basis when looking for a solution. It also handles the maintenance afterwards. Exxoss offers IT services at various data centers, including LCL Diegem.

Olivier Cant, CEO of Exxoss, enjoys working with the LCL team: “ I know the team personally and we get along very well. LCL is a company that clearly invests in its staff. There is a high level of flexibility within LCL, which is a major plus. Exxoss started out small, and LCL helped us to implement our solution and grow our activities.”

“Within our ecosystem of service providers, we are happy to exchange ideas and help you find solutions,” said Laurens van Reijen, LCL's Managing Director. “Exxoss is an IT company that has managed to make the transition to managed services and cloud-based services for its customers. It has built an impressive infrastructure in a short space of time, and based on what we've heard, it's a very customer-friendly business.”
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