De Craene is not a newcomer in the world of financial management. Before joining LCL, he was Finance Director at Hologic for nearly 16 years, active in medical diagnostics. “There I experienced how a company can grow very quickly if the market and management are good”, says De Craene. “At LCL I see the same thing: a company that is ready for a major breakthrough. The data center market is growing by 10 percent per year and the unique position of LCL in the market will ensure that we profit optimally from it. Our scale, our independence and our atypical approach guarantee that.”

At LCL, De Craene found the situation that he himself was looking for. “An SME that faces a turning point”, he says. “I've always felt better in a smaller company. You can use it to write the story yourself and build the growth yourself.”

De Craene started at LCL in January of this year and faces a number of specific challenges.“I put a healthy pressure on myself” he says. “It's all about getting everything under control and getting the hang of it. Then we will work on our financial strategy and optimize our business. I have learned in the past that if you provide solid foundations, your business can handle a period of accelerated growth relatively easily.”

The first months at LCL gave De Craene a positive impression. “The atmosphere is very collegial”, he says. “You notice that everyone here has the same goal: to play the leading role on the Belgian data center market.”

Steve De Craene studied applied economics and accounting at the University of Antwerp and holds an MBA in General International Management from the Vlerick Business School. If he is not working, he likes to read a book and you can find it in the garden.
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