LCL brings together media experts in a talk show about the broad challenges faced in the media landscape where technology can provide the answers.

After a successful show in 2022, LCL is organising a second talk show for media and broadcasting organisations. The talk show is designed to encourage conversation between media companies and professionals to discuss the challenges and, more importantly, the opportunities associated with digital transformation.

The era of digital transformation has given us unprecedented access to information and news, while at the same time also bringing a dark side with it: the spread of fake news and disinformation. However, transparency regarding media content is more important than ever.

It is becoming increasingly difficult to find reliable information, leading to concerns on the part of the government and the media industry. Technology, while offering a wealth of opportunities, also presents challenges. Especially now that the major role of artificial intelligence (AI) can no longer be ignored.

Leading experts from the Flemish media world

This talk show on Kanaal Z TV will provide a platform for discussions about new trends in the media and broadcasting industry, as well as the technologies that can help us react to them. The broadcast will feature leading experts from the Flemish media world and media studies. All of them have in-depth expertise and are actively working through various projects to address the major challenges currently facing the media sector.

Robert van Beurden
Jonathan Van de Velde

Second outing of the successful talk show

LCL is hosting this talk show for the second time, following a successful outing in 2022. Robert van Beurden, Media Expert at LCL: “I think the success of the talk show was due to the willingness of the various media parties to come together for the good of the media sector, as well as to engage in conversation on the many developments currently taking place. It is encouraging to see a shared commitment to promote a reliable and innovative media landscape.

Speeding up media sector cooperation

Last year's talk show was in part about the announcement made by the Benjamin Dalle ministry responsible for media affairs: the grant aimed at increased collaboration and innovation in the media sector. This year will see the projects getting off the ground. The talk show will therefore cover a number of themes central to these projects. Jonathan Van de Velde, Programs & Communications Director at MediaNet Flanders: “In collaboration lies our strength, and that is exactly what we have achieved through the talk show. The media sector can support and promote Minister Dalle's plans by joining forces and working toward common goals. It is crucial to jointly explore the challenges facing the media sector and what technologies can be deployed to address these. We want to continue that solidarity with this talk show.

Put the talk show in your calendar

Do you work at a media or broadcasting organisation, or would you like to learn more about how the industry is handling digital transformation? Then click the button below to get all the details about the talk show. Let our experts inspire and inform you, and learn how we can together create a safer digital world. 

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