SAVACO wants to provide an even better service to its clients, with very strict demands when it comes to Business Continuity for a number of key applications. To make sure they remain operational at all times, it is essential that their data is stored in a back-up data center. Furthermore, a second data center will allow SAVACO to offer an even greater range of cloud services.

In 2014, SAVACO started looking for a partner who was able to meet these demands. Eventually our company was selected last summer. The second SAVACO data center is now operational at our branch in Diegem. The daily operational management has been placed entirely in the hands of the Kortrijk company.

Supply and demand 
SAVACO was looking for a professional state-of-the-art data center with cutting-edge facilities in the field of electricity supply and cooling in the Brussels region. A crucial criteria in the decision-making process was that all the major telecom operators are present in the region. A private, direct line between SAVACO’s data center in Kortrijk and one in Brussels was another key requirement.

Our offices in Diegem meet all these requirements perfectly, according to SAVACO’s CEO, Carl Sabbe. He values LCL as a professional organization with the personal approach of an SME. The highly productive dialogues at executive level were a major factor in convincing him to finally go for our expertise and infrastructure. The business profiles of both companies are also a very good match.

SAVACO is not the only winner with this collaboration, because we are also aware of the advantages of their presence in our data center in Diegem. In SAVACO we found a partner with a range of services that are extremely attractive for our customers: private cloud services.

Are you thinking about making a switch to the cloud? Then we will be glad to hook you up with this cloud provider. Get in touch with your dedicated contact person at LCL and we will do the rest!

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