LCL is continuously working to provide optimum information security for its clients. That is why our company is so committed to achieving the ISO 27001 standard for information security. In addition, LCL also aims to attain the ISO 14001 environmental management standard.

The ISO 27001 standard for information security has been a key priority for Abdellah Mahlous, Operations Manager at LCL, for the past nine months:
“Data security is becoming more and more important. In order to certify the quality we already provide, and to even exceed this in some areas, LCL has now decided to make the achievement of ISO 27001 certification a top item. The focal point of this certification is on predictability. For example, several procedures will be introduced so that processes meet the set standards. At the same time, we have to make sure these procedures do not compromise the flexibility of our existing service provision. Our goal is to attain our first ISO 27001 certification by the end of the year.”

Because LCL is concerned about environmental issues, the achievement of ISO 14001 certification has also been made a priority. Abdellah Mahlous explains: “LCL already has measures in place to limit environmental impact. For example, we use energy from renewable resources and all the batteries we use to provide back-up power supplies are disposed of in a controlled way. But of course there is always room for improvement. We are currently assessing the energy efficiency and the CO2 emissions of our active machines, and these factors will also play a role in any future purchases. In addition, we are looking at how we can reduce energy consumption and increase our efforts to ensure more effective waste separation.”
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