De Vijver sets up a protected environment for vulnerable young people (thanks in part to LCL)

Sustainable and socially responsible business also means striving to have a positive impact on the world around you. We take that into account at LCL, even when organising relaxing networking events. Last year, we donated part of the proceeds to De Vijver through the sponsors of our North Sea Regatta. And we are delighted to have contributed to a valuable project for vulnerable young people.

De Vijver is a care facility that, together with the social employment-oriented organisation ‘ACG maatwerkbedrijf’, is part of the Dorp Nr. 2 Queen Fabiola non-profit umbrella organisation. The goal of both organisations is to provide more opportunities for vulnerable profiles. In doing so, ACG provides employment for people who cannot find work on the ‘regular’ labour market, with De Vijver providing shelter and care for those in need. Until recently, these were almost exclusively adults.

Giving vulnerable young people every opportunity

Last year, a decision was made to launch a project to extend this to vulnerable young people. The aim of this project is to get their lives back on track, preparing them for life in the outside world. They are mentored and prepared for their future over a period of 21 months. After that, they can go out into the big wide world or join a follow-up project and make way for the next generation.          

To offer these young people - initially six adolescent girls - appropriate care, a new building had to be equipped with appropriate home automation facilities, explains Anne-Marie Aldeweireldt: “This allows us to offer them a protected environment where they can still enjoy the necessary freedom. Both aspects are equally important for their further development. And we are very grateful to LCL for helping to make this possible.”

The building features 6 studios and some common areas for the young people, as well as 3 companion apartments. It is located in the municipality of Deurne, near the centre, but with enough green space for the young people to relax and enjoy the outdoors. “Initiatives like this make a difference for those who need it most," Anne-Marie concludes, "And any help to make it happen is extremely welcome.”

Do you also want to help make a difference for vulnerable young people and others in need? Then do not hesitate to contact Anne-Marie Aldeweireldt, via email at or by phone at (+32) 471 64 08 45. She will be happy to explain why all support and assistance is more than welcome.

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