LCL is launching an advanced LCL Service Hub that offers its customers a broad range of specific data center services in an easy-to-use and interactive interface. The new LCL Service Hub will replace our current online service desk and allows our customers an overall better customer experience with many new features. This innovative service hub will be available starting early 2024.

At LCL, we think innovation is about customer empowerment – it’s one of the reasons customer intimacy is our core strategy. It's about giving customers more possibilities to get the services they need. And it's about providing easy-to-use tools that make it efficient for them to do so. That's why we're constantly working on creating new and better ways to serve our customers. Whether it's developing new technologies or improving existing ones, we're always looking for ways to make things better for our customers.

Advanced and innovative LCL Service Hub

Because of that, we have evolved our online service desk to a new and innovative LCL Service Hub. Our improved LCL Service Hub entails a customised interface and workflows with advanced online features, specifically for your position and company. It enables customers to submit specific enquiries and service requests 24/7 and easy access to detailed customer and data center information. Customers can use the LCL Service Hub to work more efficient and for automated self-services, such as digital access to the authorisation list and to the cable book.

User-friendliness is key

The design and evolution of the LCL Service Hub is being built in collaboration with customers. “We are using this customer-centered approach because we want the LCL Service Hub to truly fulfil the needs of all our customers”, says Antje Letens, Business Project Coordinator at LCL. “Our goal was to create a portal that is not only functional, but also easy and enjoyable to use. User-friendliness was key. This was achieved through careful consideration, making sure that the interface is intuitive, and the overall experience is positive. We started the creation of the LCL Service Hub from scratch, making sure every feature, interaction and overall design is as it’s meant to be.

Customer Portal

Co-creation with customers

Through several feedback sessions with customers and a dedicated service team, LCL was able to collect and implement important information on essential features. Noah Peeters, Customer Officer at LCL: “We consulted a diverse group of customers for their input to obtain various insights of LCL’s customer experiences. We identified that our customers value automated services and easy access to customer data. One of the things they mentioned, was the slow manual process of getting access to the cable book. The LCL Service Hub empowers our customers to manage their data center environment themselves and ensures real-time information. With this innovative service hub, they can now more easily and quickly manage all tasks into a single interface, thus improving efficiency.

Quicker, easier and more efficient customer support

All communication in the new LCL Service Hub will be bundled in one dashboard that offers a visual overview of all current enquiries. This not only brings quicker problem-solving, but also more efficient customer support. With this automated way of offering support, LCL can deliver an overall better customer experience while still providing the ability to deliver top-notch service to its customers through personal contact. The new LCL Service Hub is interactive in its services and offers detailed information about FAQ’s and procedures at LCL, making it a comprehensive support hub for all customers.

LCL’s Hands & Eyes: more specific and detailed

Antje: “One of LCL’s most used services is our H&E services. In the new LCL Service Hub this service will be available in a more advanced way, by offering specific and detailed information about the enquiry. Another advanced feature is the possibility of not only dispatching hardware to the data center, but also from the data center. This makes it even easier for our customers to manage the data center efficiently remotely. Besides that, the LCL Service Hub has the possibility to make a reservation for LCL’s meeting rooms so customers can easily benefit from LCL’s services - not only digitally but also at our data center sites. Everything will be customised according to your specific user profile and the features that are relevant to your authorisation.

Next level customer service

What makes the new LCL Service Hub most exciting, is the many innovative features, which puts the customer first by taking care of all their needs and desires, without compromising on customer service. Noah: “This new LCL Service Hub offers many new possibilities for our customers, but they can still rely on what distinguishes LCL: our personal touch. The interactive service hub improves efficiency, but at the same time the approachability of the LCL staff will always remain. It is a win-win-situation.”

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