Leading the charge towards sustainable mobility.

In today's rapidly changing world, where environmental concerns have taken center stage, LCL Data Centers stands at the forefront of innovation and sustainability. Spearheaded by our esteemed Operations Manager, Abdellah Mahlous, LCL is championing a groundbreaking initiative to align with the global movement towards sustainability and set new industry standards through our resolute actions. Since company vehicles still represent 35,92% of LCL’s total carbon footprint, upgrading electric transport options is an obvious move forward.

Driving transformation

LCL currently has 43 employees, 35 of whom have a company car. Of these, one car is already 100% electric, 24 run on fossil fuels, and ten are hybrids (eight employees do not have a car). From this year onwards, only electric vehicles will be ordered.

"Two years ago, LCL gradually commenced the ambitious task of electrifying its fleet of vehicles, marking the initial step in our commitment to sustainable practices", Mahlous explains. "However, our aspirations extended beyond this. Simultaneously, we strategically installed electric vehicle charging stations across all our sites." While this journey presented its share of challenges, it mirrors our core values of embracing innovation and pushing the boundaries of what's possible.

At LCL, sustainability is more than a buzzword; it's a fundamental principle ingrained in our corporate DNA. This sentiment reverberates through discussions with potential employees, whose expectations for their next employer increasingly depend on commitments to responsible practices. Equally impactful is its resonance with our clients, who now, more than ever, expect visible and concrete efforts towards a greener future.

In the data center business, the inner workings of sustainability efforts often remain hidden within the complexities of our daily operations. "That's why our electric mobility initiative stands out as a tangible symbol of our dedication", Mahlous explains. "This effort doesn't just stay behind the scenes; it comes to life as a clear and visible representation of our commitment. It's a reminder that sustainability isn't meant to be tucked away – it should be evident, approachable, and within everyone's reach."

Our electric vehicle charging stations don't just facilitate change; they drive it forward. Most of the charging cards available on the market are compatible with our charging stations. These stations are designed not only for the convenience of our employees but also as a service for all site visitors, including customers and suppliers. We actively encourage our suppliers to switch to electric vehicles. With an annual guest count exceeding 10,000, our charging network substantially contributes to the broader movement toward sustainability.

LCL Brussels-North

Towards a green horizon

LCL's electric vehicle charging infrastructure is just one part of our overarching objective: achieving complete energy neutrality by 2030. This aspiration is comprehensively detailed within our ESG report, a testament to our transparency and commitment to holding ourselves accountable in our journey towards sustainability.

In a world that demands collective responsibility towards a sustainable future, LCL Data Centers is resolute in its dedication to meeting these expectations and exceeding them. Our electric vehicle charging infrastructure isn't just about power - it's about empowerment. As we facilitate the transition towards electric mobility, we create a future where sustainability, innovation, and success are harmoniously intertwined.

Please read our ESG report for more detailed information on our environmental, social and governance commitments.



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