One of the prestigious names in LCL's client portfolio is This hosting company based in Ghent has been offering its services from LCL's data centre in Diegem since 2006. The main thrill in this business partnership is the link with one of the biggest dance festivals in the world: Tomorrowland and Tomorrowworld. became the preferred hosting partner of and earlier this year. This means it has to keep the websites and applications for these music festivals up and running. 'No big deal', you might think, but nothing could be further from the truth!

When the online ticket sales start, millions of dance music fans around the world are sitting behind their computers desperately trying to get one of the 180,000 coveted tickets. Tomorrowland called in to prevent worst-case scenarios, such as sites and applications crashing, becoming a reality. The result? Mission accomplished: for the first time in the history of Tomorrowland, there were no crashes during online ticket sales.

To handle the peaks in data traffic, clustered the websites and applications over the LCL data centre in Diegem and another data centre in Antwerp. By spreading the demand for capacity, the websites and applications were guaranteed to be available even if an incident occurred at one of the data centres.

LCL was thus a vital link in operations. "What makes LCL so very interesting is the wide range of uplink providers. LCL is our primary interconnection point with the outside world, and it gives us direct access to the major players in the network market", explained Stein Van Stichel, Technical Manager at

What role did LCL play in Tomorrowland? "We developed a Content Distribution Network point of presence (CDN pop) at the LCL data centre in Diegem, which is now part of a worldwide CDN service that serves more than 160 locations around the world. This was a crucial factor in our ability to handle the global reach of Tomorrowland and Tomorrowworld. We have been a client of LCL for seven years now, and we were always able to enjoy a superb service and stability", concluded Van Stichel.

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