On June 22, 2023, our 6th LCL North Sea Regatta saw all sails set tight. Plenty of sporting enjoyment aboard the 25 sailing ships (and ashore) – professional connections were strengthened once again. We are also proud that the impact of the event extends beyond the pleasure and memories of that special day. Thanks to all sponsors, we raised €5,000 for the charity organization (W)onderweg.

(W)onderweg supports 92 individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), both neurotypical and gifted, on a weekly basis. "Creativity and social interaction are two key elements in our work," says founder Katrien De Meurechy. “Our art and cooking workshops bring out the talents of our guests and provide the safe environment they need to connect with others.”

“The notion that individuals with autism prefer to be alone at all times is a misconception”, adds coordinator and caregiver Hans Pacquée. “Appreciation for what they create in our painting, sculpting, or photography studio works wonders. Most of them are overjoyed when their artwork is borrowed through our art lending program.”

Thanks to our sponsors, (W)onderweg can purchase materials for their creative workshops, ensuring that the financial barrier remains as low as possible for everyone.

(W)Onderweg Regatta 2023
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