We love web shops, we admire self-driving cars and want the emergency services to work with drones for the first impressions of an accident. The importance of connectivity in our daily lives is becoming extremely high.
What image does the term connectivity evoke in you? When it comes to connectivity, we often think mainly of the convenience of WiFi that is available almost everywhere. We quickly google the answer to a question that comes to mind while we wait at the checkout in the supermarket. The connection between you and the net.
You can also see it more broadly. Connectivity as a global network of connectedness. This network is made up of countless nodes along which you can connect to the data highway. In Belgium the important nodes for connectivity can be counted on one hand and LCL is particularly proud to have realized two of them, namely LCL Diegem and LCL Antwerp. With more than 40 telecom operators present in our data center, we are almost a logical driveway to the data highway.
Nowadays there is an immense amount of data and new data is constantly being generated. Recording data is an important goal, but the biggest challenge is the exchange of that data. Fast, reliable, safe and flexible. At LCL we have succeeded in growing into an ecosystem that is becoming increasingly stronger. Monitoring and further expanding our offer is the mission that drives us every day. Do you want to connect directly to the backbone of the internet? Or do you want to connect directly to the cloud? Do you have specific telecom needs? At LCL you can do that.
Freedom of choice is our hobbyhorse and that is why the choice at LCL is large. As a company you choose the operator that suits you best and the operators also find each other here and interconnect. Our data center connects you with the world, but remains close. There are LCL data centers at three locations in Belgium. Great in offer, but still personal in terms of approach. Do you have a question? We are accessible and close by. You don't always have to look far.
Via LCL you enjoy the best IT solution, which is obviously not the same for everyone. It is one tailored to your needs and situation. At LCL you can go in any direction, with confidence. Visit one of our connectivity nodes and we will be happy to show you the way to your ideal IT environment. The best concerns in terms of safety and continuity are included.

Laurens van Reijen
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