LCL’s data centre in Aalst will be launching a fully-redundant connection with Eurofiber’s fibre-optic network this summer. The services of global network operator GT-T (formally Inteliquent) will also become available in the near future. If that was not enough, LCL Aalst will be expanding its capacity as well. 

Expansion LCL Aalst data centre 
Only six months after becoming operational, the LCL data centre in Aalst has announced plans to expand the existing infrastructure facilities, which already cover 1200m², with an additional 300m². In addition, extra diesel generators, UPS systems, and battery back-up for the cooling systems will be installed. This means LCL will be equipped to handle the projected growth in demand, and will be able to provide even more clients with guaranteed uptime and redundancy. The expansion work will not cause any inconvenience to existing clients.

Direct connection to Ghent, Antwerp, Brussels fibre-optic ring 
Eurofiber, a leading provider of fibre-optic connectivity, will be creating a fully-redundant connection between its fibre-optic network and the new LCL data centre in Aalst. This will give LCL customers access to the comprehensive portfolio of fibre-optic connections provided by Eurofiber, ranging from Ethernet services starting at 100Mbps to dark fibre connections.

“Eurofiber has its own fibre-optic network that extends throughout the whole of Belgium”, explains Laurens van Reijen, Managing Director of LCL. “Furthermore, many of Eurofiber’s clients, just like our clients, are telecom companies. Together, we can provide them with an optimal service, each from our own specialist field. With our three data centres and the connectivity provided by Eurofiber’s fibre-optic network, we will be ready to handle the expected growth of private cloud applications.”

The addition of the link with Eurofiber’s fibre-optic network means the Aalst data centre will become an even more attractive location for the customers of LCL. It opens up connectivity with the fibre-optic ring between Ghent, Antwerp, and Brussels, which is also used to link the LCL data centres in Antwerp and Brussels. Because of the fibre-optic network connection and its location at a safe distance from other Belgian data centres, especially those in and around Brussels, the LCL data centre in Aalst offers the ideal solution for back-up and disaster recovery applications. It is also ideal for hosting private cloud applications. For telecom operators and service providers, the LCL data centre in Aalst and Eurofiber’s rapid and reliable fibre-optic network create a solid platform for the distribution of their services in East Flanders.

Seventh telecom provider: GT-T 
In addition to the connectivity provided by Eurofiber, as of mid-June the services of telecom operator GT-T are also available via the LCL data centre in Aalst. GT-T, previously known as Inteliquent, is a global organisation that provides a comprehensive range of voice and data services to clients in more than 80 countries in six continents. GT-T offers innovative solutions for the complex challenges of interconnectivity and interoperability. The company connects hundreds of different carriers, content providers, and service providers in order to create a seamless, scalable, and reliable network.

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