Hot off the press: LCL Data Centers has just launched the LCL Service Hub, our brand-new online platform. Visitors will find a wide array of data center services that enhance their experience. This user-friendly platform replaces the old online service desk and offers many new features. With the LCL Service Hub now available to everyone, Laurens van Reijen, Managing Director of LCL, and Antje Letens, Business Project Coordinator, provide an update on the process and the value of this new online hub.

At LCL, our customers are at the heart of every step we take. Laurens believes this is precisely why the platform was created: "The LCL Service Hub emerged because, over the years, we had accumulated data in various places. With Customer Intimacy in mind, there was a need to consolidate everything at a central location. On the LCL Service Hub, everything is compiled so that we have a 360° view of everything we know about our customers. But it works both ways because everything is now collected in the same location, which is much more user-friendly for the customer."

From blank slate to innovative LCL Service Hub

Until now, LCL customers could use the service desk for certain requests and services, but this has been replaced by the more extensive and innovative LCL Service Hub. Why create a new platform rather than update the old one? Laurens explains, "it’s true, the service desk already existed, but it had its limitations, which meant we couldn't build upon what was already there. We chose to start with a blank slate, gather information, and establish the foundations for a new portal."

Antje Letens, Business Project Coordinator and driving force behind this project, adds, "The previous service desk contained little information, lacked innovative features, and no longer met the expectations for such a platform. We saw this as an opportunity to get to work and create something based on our customers' needs."

Antje Letens
Antje Letens
Laurens van Reijen
Laurens van Reijen

User-friendliness as the Keyword

The goal was not just functionality but primarily user-friendliness. Therefore, it made sense to involve the future users in this ambitious project. "We approached this with a customer-focused mindset and analysed what they wanted. As always at LCL, we used that as our starting point for creation," Laurens explains.

Our customers' feedback was welcomed throughout the development period. Thus, our Service Delivery Team was also closely involved in the process, as they are our direct line to our customers. "On one hand, the Service Delivery Team was involved to ensure everything was covered on the back-office side. On the other hand, we noticed that from the initial analysis to now, our customers' expectations had changed and increased. If the user is central, we must be flexible and ideally a bit ahead of their expectations," says Antje.

What specific elements were included at the request of our customers? One of Antje's personal highlights, the digital cable book, is such an example. "There, a customer can directly launch connectivity requests. We've made the cable book so interactive and accessible that requests are much simpler." Another important addition, requested by our customers, is the 'support' section, which includes a wealth of information. You'll find FAQs, explanations of procedures, your contacts and 24/7 support from LCL... all easily accessible in one place. Feedback is also welcomed so that we can meet what our customers expect from their data center partner even better.

Exciting New Features

The innovations are not limited to the examples above; in total, there are about 40 new features. The LCL Service Hub includes an expansion of services such as a broader offering of Hand & Eyes services, which are services that LCL’s Data Center Service Technicians can perform for a customer in our data center. Other services are now more advanced: connectivity migrations, added migration options for cross-connects, the ability to not only send hardware to the data center but also deliver it outbound, and much more.

User management has also been simplified. Now, customers can see in a few clicks who has access at LCL and who holds which permissions. OTU codes will be replaced by new access options. All this in a customised interface with workflows for advanced online functions specific to your position and company. "The main goal is that this digital hub extends our high-quality services. It becomes a platform that is alive, launching new things occasionally to spark interest," summarises Antje beautifully.

Supporting the Personal Approach

For Laurens, it is crucial that the LCL Service Hub aligns with LCL's values in all aspects: "It reflects our Customer Intimacy strategy, but also high-quality, customised service because we have engaged in dialogue with customers. The resulting features show that we think with them. Of course, Customer Intimacy also means that the LCL Service Hub does not replace contact with our team. We are still personally available 24/7. The contacts for each customer are easily found on the hub because they are always ready to assist."

Overall, the entire journey has been a great collaboration. On one side, there was collaboration with customers and suppliers, and on the other, Antje set up collaborations throughout the entire company to guide the process from start to finish and then ultimately, the launch. For Laurens, the work doesn't stop here: "Now that the LCL Service Hub is launched, we are eager to hear users' reactions. Input for improvements is also welcome so that we can create a roadmap for the future. Thus, we continue our team effort to make our customers' lives easier."

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