Our society is built on a digital foundation. Our digital infrastructure is almost as vital as the water that flows from the tap. Ensuring your company's digital infrastructure is in order, can yield major strategic benefits. But how do you become – and remain – a leader in this dynamic field? 

Up to around fifteen years ago, you could sometimes leave a phone call or email unanswered. Not today. You have to be connected. And this should preferably be done as quickly and reliably as possible. Interconnection is more important than ever, with "no latency", "secure connection" and "bandwidth" being key. The pandemic has also underlined the importance of interconnection.

Strategic benefits

The transition from on-premise data centers to the cloud has been in progress for years. The notion that this development would herald the end for data centers is far from the truth. Lots of companies opt for a happy medium: the hybrid cloud. Via the Equinix Fabric interconnection service, LCL integrates on-premise infrastructure with a public cloud through a direct, fast connection to all cloud providers globally. As a partner of Equinix, we ensure that this happens in a flexible, scalable and, above all, secure manner. Companies that had already taken this step have been able to reap the benefits over the past year. They effortlessly scaled up from fifty to five hundred homeworkers. It was simply a case of enabling some additional ports and increasing the bandwidth to handle the extra traffic. And just as easily and quickly as you make the connection, you can also switch it off again – you only pay for what you’ve actually used.

This hybrid IT infrastructure helps you to prepare for unforeseen external developments and respond appropriately. It makes your business more flexible and efficient. Digital tools, easy access to information and fast interconnection increase the productivity of your people. This allows you to offer better customer service. This has also become painfully evident during Covid-19. Stores that could not serve their customers via an online shop, for example, have lost business. Ultimately, a solid digital foundation enables you to build a concept to guarantee customer excellence and deliver on SLAs with your customers. Now and tomorrow. And this will be key in whether a customer choosing your company or a competitor.

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Five global trends

In addition to the one pivotal global trend of the past year (the coronavirus pandemic), there are a number of other worldwide trends that call for interconnection, but at the same time complicate the necessary digital transformation. We outline five of these in our research report entitled ‘Digital infrastructure is more important than ever’:

  1. Digital business: To digitise traditional business operations, network optimisation is needed to support both local and international interconnection.
  2. Urbanisation: To support digital engagement in growing cities, there is a need for hybrid multi-cloud transformation across regions.
  3. Cyber security: With the current digital transformation and accelerated scaling up of IT infrastructures, the demand for guaranteed security via interconnection is also growing.
  4. Data volumes and compliance: An increasing demand for data analysis and data exchange to support digital workflows.
  5. Business ecosystems: In order to provide a high density of secure connections and ensure flexible digital infrastructure, the need for application exchange in digital ecosystems will increase.

The path to transformation

If you want to be a leader in your field, your infrastructure should prepare for such developments. Getting a head start will give you a competitive edge. In addition to these benefits, other important drivers for digital transformation are scalability, flexibility, moving to the cloud, reducing costs and enhancing security. A successful digital transformation can therefore yield the necessary strategic benefits. But how do you go about it? There are five key factors:

  1. Network optimisation
  2. Hybrid multicloud
  3. Distributed security
  4. Distributed data
  5. Application exchange

LCL can help you with this. We provide access to more than 40 carriers. In the future, there will be new service providers that will make connections even more secure and enable the exchange of data and applications in an ecosystem. Thanks to our partnership with Equinix, LCL gives you fast, secure and reliable access to the cloud worldwide. Via Equinix Fabric you have a wide choice of providers at your disposal. You can switch connections easily and flexibly, and you can scale up and down or stop the connection completely. We are always at your side, thinking with you: how can you connect with the world in the right way? And how do you do that via the cloud? Together, we create a network design and build the advanced digital solution that meets your (future) challenges.


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