The servers and cooling equipment in data centers consume an enormous amount of energy. A data center business such as LCL uses as much energy each year as 2,500 households combined. “How can we make our operations more energy-efficient?” was the question we had all been asking ourselves.

We found the answer at Vlaams Agentschap Ondernemen (Enterprise Flanders), which offers small businesses free energy efficiency screenings from its consultancy partners. The result of the energy efficiency screening at LCL, carried out by Encon, was therefore music to our ears. Encon calculated that LCL could save 2.5 gigawatt hours per year if it made a number of specific investments. A feasibility study had to be carried out first to identify the most effective investment opportunities. We applied for a subsidy via the SME portfolio of Enterprise Flanders. Thanks to this subvention we were able to finance no less than half of the feasibility study. Now we know the major energy consumers in our data centers. And what’s more: how we can eliminate or limit them.

Would you like to find out how to cut your electricity bill as well? Watch this  clip  (in Dutch) and find out how we made it happen!
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