You will probably no longer be surprised by cars that drive themselves, drones that deliver packages or arrange the heating at home during your holiday. Can you still imagine living with no connectivity in your life? Wherever you are, you are almost always connected via some device.

Connectivity is becoming increasingly important: connections are getting faster and more numerous, and that makes sense to us.

A Cisco study (Cisco VN) predicted it already: data traffic will triple between 2017 and 2022. This study also predicts that by 2022:

  • a broadly doubled broadband speed by 2022,
  • almost 12 percent data traffic via 5G connection by 2022,
  • by 2022 worldwide 7 times more mobile data traffic.

And that traffic all runs through data centers.

LCL is therefore proud to be the pivot for connecting countless company data. For the connection of companies with customers, other companies and telecom operators. Did you know that our data center in Antwerp is the largest and most important place of interconnectivity in Belgium?

An important mission of our data centers is to optimize your connectivity. You get a choice of no fewer than 39 telecom operators.

Discover more about the services of LCL and our range of telecom partners in our brand new "LCL Connectivity Guide"

We are happy to assist those who like being guided in so many choices with extra information and advice.

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