For LCL, sustainability goes well beyond the relentless fight against global warming. In addition to our many efforts to reduce CO2 emissions and use renewable energy, we also pay attention to other aspects of sustainable business. Our contribution to the circular economy is a great example of this.

At LCL, we strive to maximise the reusability of ICT equipment. Servers, monitors, desktops, laptops, printers, etc. – all devices can be recycled or repurposed. Or both, as Close the Gap demonstrates so well.

Close the Gap: a second life for your appliances

For 15 years, Close the Gap has been actively working to close the digital divide. They do this by taking depreciated ICT devices from companies, conditioning them for reuse, and using them in educational, medical and social projects around the world. More than 1.25 million devices have found their way to a second life, creating a positive impact for more than four million lucky people, from South Africa to the Netherlands, from Belgium to Puerto Rico.

And the circular economy does not end there. After proving their worth in these projects, the devices are then dismantled as part of an environmentally responsible e-waste management system, with the components recycled as much as possible. In this way, e-waste is converted into a sustainable economic resource.

“By working to make ICT 100% circular, we aim to bridge the digital divide and enable equal access to information and communication for everyone," says Didier Appels, Impact & Business Director at Close The Gap. "In this way, everyone, regardless of where they live, can work to build a better & sustainable future.”

Didier Appels Close The Gap
Didier Appels

The missing link? That's you!

At LCL, we are absolutely thrilled about our partnership with Close the Gap. Every day, we notice how they are making a difference to countless people around the world with our devices. But unfortunately, we cannot contribute that much equipment to their projects ourselves. After all, the vast majority of the infrastructure in our data centers is owned by ... you, our customer. So, it is your organisation that determines what can/should be done with these devices after replacement.  

Hence, this appeal for you to also donate your devices to Close the Gap. Simply give us your consent, and we'll do the rest: from contacting Close the Gap to logistics and transportation as well as wiping the data on the devices and reporting afterwards: we take care of everything together with Close The Gap.

Would you also like to give your ICT equipment a valuable second life? Would you like to contribute to a socially rewarding project that helps close the digital divide? If so, please feel free to visit and contact Valérie Van Roy, our ESG Sustainability Manager ( She will be happy to discuss with you how we can donate IT equipment from your organisation and the LCL data centers to these community projects.

We look forward to hearing from you!!

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