In July we celebrated the delivery of a network in record time: the Wi-Fi network for the Gentse Feesten festival was delivered in just one day by data center LCL and providers Evonet and Citymesh.

Last month we also celebrated the largest ever migration of lines. The new extension to our data center in Diegem, which was originally run by Level 3, was recently stripped. Hundreds of Level 3’s lines still remained. During the past few weeks these lines, which are operated by Proximus , Colt , Telenet and VOO , were migrated to the LCL data center next door.

New legislation in the US requires ISPs to make connections with other providers so that the internet traffic of all end users can be collected and delivered effectively. This is known as net neutrality. In this context, ISP Cogent Communications concluded interconnection agreements with Verizon and ATT . What Europe will do to guarantee net neutrality still remains to be seen.

Belnet is upgrading its IP network this autumn. New routers will be installed in Belnet's Points of Presence in the LCL data centers, among other places. Belnet customers will also be able to purchase 100 GB of internet access and 100 GB of national and international research bandwidth, which is a first for Belgium. 2015 marks the 20th anniversary of the founding of Belgian internet exchange point BNIX . This anniversary will be celebrated on 24 September, when a party will be held for all participants and partners.

Finally, we would like to announce that network operator Infrax also has a spot in our data center in Diegem. We would like to take this opportunity to welcome Infrax!
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