Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of LCL plays an essential role in our organizational success and sustainability. The diverse and balanced composition of the Board reflects LCL's ambitions to incorporate a wide range of perspectives. The varied experiences and unique track records of each board member contribute to a broad knowledge platform for management, employees, and other stakeholders, including shareholders and the wider community.

LCL aims to remain a leader and, therefore, maintains a focus on economic and societal value as well as environmental impact. At LCL, a customer-centric strategy and sustainability go hand in hand.

Els Demeester


With over three decades of international experience at the C-level in the technology industry, Els Demeester has a remarkable track record as a strategic changemaker. Her passion and expertise span a wide range, from complex stakeholder management and business transformations to customer experience. Every challenge is an opportunity for her to roll up her sleeves, never losing sight of her integrity and strong personal ethical values.

Ingrid Daerden

Innovative and sustainable real estate is a well-known playing field for Ingrid Daerden. After more than 10 years of experience in real estate financing at ING she became Investor Relations Manager and subsequently Head of Treasury and Project Finance at Cofinimmo. She acquired knowledge of international telecommunications networks as CFO at OTN Systems. Currently she is CFO and executive director of Aedifica. Ingrid Daerden has extensive experience in corporate financing and M&A.

Danielle Devogelaer

Danielle Devogelaer brings 20 years of experience in analysing the Belgian and European energy landscape to the table, with a particular expertise in electricity. She excels in topics such as energy infrastructure, market design, and industrial transition. As a member of several energy commissions, she contributed to reports on the Belgian long-term energy future and ideal energy mix. In 2021, Danielle was part of the delegation that successfully defended the Belgian CRM at the EU COMM (DG COMP, DG ENER). For 17 years, she was part of the Energy team at the Brussels based Federal Planning Bureau. In October 2021, she joined management consulting firm Sia Partners as Senior Advisor Energy & Utilities.

Laurens van Reijen

Managing Director and founder Laurens van Reijen has built LCL into the reference in Belgium in two decades. The five data centers in Belgium set a new standard for the entire sector. Providing the best possible service for each customer and playing a pioneering role in sustainability are two key pillars within LCL. To make not only LCL but the entire sector as energy efficient as possible and to build a healthy business with maximum positive impact on the environment, Van Reijen also holds important international positions in various sustainability initiatives.

Management team

From left to right, standing: Steve De Craene, Finance Manager; Nicolas Coppee, Data Center Manager LCL Wallonia One; Abdellah Mahlous, Operations Manager; Baudouin Corlùy, Commercial Director. Seated: Fabienne Frisson, Human Resources and Office Manager; Laurens van Reijen, Managing Director; Floris Smits, Project Department Manager.