Destiny is a leading Belgian company that offers secure cloud communication solutions to SMEs. Since being established, Destiny has grown enormously, partly due to various acquisitions. In order to continue to guarantee this growth, Destiny looked for and found a partner to accommodate its cloud infrastructure. The requirements? A safe and flexible environment where business continuity is central.


Man securing cloud infrastructure environment for destiny at lcl

"We chose LCL for its redundancy and security guarantees" – Tim Schmit, Manager Presales & Product Marketing at Destiny

Challenge: finding a flexible partner in order to be able to achieve growth

Since Destiny was founded in 2008, the cloud and telecom partner has continued to grow. In order to continue to facilitate that growth, Destiny needed a data center for its equipment. The highest possible uptime is crucial for Destiny. That is why they went looking for the best quality data center.

Destiny's requirements: 

  • Giving customers the assurance of optimal continuity
  • Striving for the highest possible uptime
  • A reliable and secure partner
  • Possibility to expand in terms of space

Solution: redundant and secure connections at LCL

Destiny teamed up with LCL because of our reliability in terms of redundancy and security. “Our customers attach great importance to this, for example in the context of their own ISO certification,” explains Tim Schmit, Manager  Presales & Product Marketing at Destiny. LCL's carrier neutrality was also a decisive factor for Destiny. “Exclusivity in terms of telecom operators offers flexibility and possibilities. The price-quality ratio is certainly good at LCL.”

a secure cloud infrastructure for destiny at lcl

Customer Intimacy

Both Destiny and LCL are committed to customer intimacy. This match was another reason to opt for a partnership with LCL. “LCL is a local player that focuses on being close to the customer. This facilitates communication and daily operations. They do not come across as a large corporate, but rather as a smaller, specialist company. They are accessible and flexible and have a "can-do mentality". LCL has become an important strategic partner for Destiny”.

"LCL is an accessible and flexible data center partner with a can-do mentality"

Added Business Value

Business continuity
Highest possible continuity ensured
Guarantees regarding security
Possibility of expansion in terms of space

Would you also like to work with LCL to ensure your business continuity? Get in touch with one of our experts.

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