LCL’s Fibervision device guarantees its customers Belgium’s most reliable and durable connection to the highest degree. This state-of-the art fibre optic measuring device, which works with iOLM as an OTDR-based application, provides prompt diagnosis enabling network issues to be fixed quickly and efficiently within minutes. Dstny is one of LCL’s first customers to happily benefit from this innovative service. It not only improves Dstny’s flexibility, but also ensures optimal use of the company’s resources.

"LCL’s Fibervision device offers us many benefits. One of them is an accurate and comprehensive problem diagnosis just within minutes." - Kristof Van Den Bergh, Network Architect at Dstny

Dstny is a leading Belgian B2B telecom operator that offers secure cloud business communication solutions to SMEs and large corporations. It was founded in 2008 and has since then grown enormously due to various acquisitions throughout Europe.
Today the company has 750 employees in 7 European countries and an annual turnover of nearly €190 million in 2021. Dstny delivers future-proof, innovative and fully integrated business communication solutions that are delivered as-a-service and natively mobile-first. Dstny became a customer of LCL when they sought a partner to house and expand their cloud infrastructure.

Highest uptime and quick efficient diagnosis using iOLM

Since business communications is Dstny’s core business, it is crucial for them to be assured of the highest possible uptime and a reliable connectivity. It is one of the reasons they have been using an iOLM device, which stands for intelligent Optical Link Mapper, for many years at their own locations themselves. Kristof Van Den Bergh, Network Architect at Dstny: “Since we are now housing our data partly at LCL and can’t be around 24/7, we were looking for a solution to efficiently diagnose problems in our fibre optic network.  LCL’s Fibervision device offers us many benefits. One of them is an accurate and comprehensive problem diagnosis just within minutes. Because of that, we can easily dispatch the right supplier and provide them useful information to fix the fault quickly and successfully. It saves us a lot of time and overheads.”

Noah Fibervision

The measurement process: within minutes an accurate analysis

Customers can make usage of LCL’s Fibervision whenever they need an on-the-spot and accurate measurement of their fibre optic connection. Van Den Bergh: “It usually starts with a problem being detected in our monitoring system. If we think the problem is physical, we contact LCL and they will start the testing immediately. The fibre optic measuring device will then be connected and will send pulses of light up to 200 km into an optical fibre and will analyse the returning light. Because of the smart iOLM solution, complex OTDR information is turned into a simple and accurate analysis using multipulse acquisition and advanced algorithms. It identifies failed events on the network and suggests solutions within minutes that are accurate by the meter. The results are displayed in a clear icon-based fiber-link view. Any kind of fault can be detected: problems such as an optical fibre that is poorly connected, excessive bending or poor-quality fibre optic cables are all included in the measurement. It is also fully automatic, so you don’t have to be a specialist to understand it.

Fibre optic measuring device for preventative problem-solving
The iOLM solution can also be used for preventative problem-solving. “It can be used after the instalment of new optical fibres or patching, to make sure it’s working most efficiently.
Sometimes it happens that the fibre is close to its optical range limit, which could potentially cause issues in the future. The fibre optic measuring device also offers then a quick and easy problem diagnosis. We have been doing preventative fibre optic analysis for a few years now for a minimal number of faults and optimal customer happiness”, says Van Den Bergh.

Saving on costs, staff and time
Mainly the accuracy, the quick problem-solving and the saving on resources, is why Dstny is satisfied with the LCL’s Fibervison. Van Den Bergh: “It is fantastic that if a problem in the network arises, LCL can just immediately use the iOLM solution and execute the measurement. Every minute counts because we want our customers to be impacted at least as possible. We always strive for full capacity and redundancy. While LCL takes care of the measuring, we can continue working and will be notified what the fault is and who can fix the problem. If it’s within the data centers of LCL, they can solve it directly. If it’s outside, we will have to send a third party to solve it. But us not having to go to the data center first, saves us a lot of time and costs. And because we have the comprehensive fault diagnosis already, the third party can also work more efficient.

LCL’s Fibervision: always available for your company

Van Den Bergh: “Something I also am very pleased about, is the availability of the people at LCL because it’s a small and very involved company. Bigger organisations often have no direct point of contact. At LCL there’s always someone to help us. We can easily contact them through their portal. Fibervision is truly a solution that only provides benefits.”

Interested in LCL’s iOLM solution for your company? We are happy to tell you more about it! Join our workshop or contact one of our experts.

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