As the largest interconnection point in Belgium, LCL offers an ideal network for connecting your data with your business as well as with other data and data providers. Thanks to these advantages, your company can benefit from the hyperconnectivity at LCL:

  • Various national and international carriers: LCL is known for its impressive list of national and international carriers, providing the opportunity for more redundant solutions and a higher uptime guarantee. To further emphasize this neutrality, we limit ourselves to housing only, not hosting.
  • More freedom and flexibility in solutions: At a carrier-neutral data center like LCL, customers have many options for connecting to any network. Based on specific business requirements, we design and manage an infrastructure that provides each customer with the best conditions and services. All types of networks (MPLS, IP-VPN, IP-transit, VoIP and video) are also available.
  • Affordable price: Competition between the various carriers is strong, and this has a cost-reducing and innovation-enhancing effect that every customer benefits from.
  • A variety of connectivity options: More than 40 telecommunications operators in our offering connect, interconnect, and create a multi-directional data highway that creates endless possibilities and supports your company in growing. View the overview in our connectivity guide.

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  • Redundancy: Our two meet-me-rooms are a marketplace of connectivity between Tier 1, 2 and 3 telecommunications providers.
  • Bandwidth: Good data connectivity with sufficient bandwidth.
  • Structured cable management: This seems obvious, but is not standard in all data centers.
  • Access to fiber networks or even a direct connection to the internet.
  • Peering with internet exchanges: This allows you to directly exchange IP traffic with other connected parties, without the extra cost of a third party. At LCL, we have two: BNIX and NL-ix.
  • CDN (Content Distribution Networks): LCL offers direct access to the largest CDN in the world - ideal for safely and quickly distributing all your content.
  • Easy access: LCL's data centers are located in easily accessible and 24/7 available locations, of course with a high level of security. Single connection to all major public cloud and SaaS providers.

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