In the Tier classification system, data centers are categorized into four levels, called Tier I through Tier IV. A data center with a Tier III classification meets specific requirements related to reliability, availability, security, and privacy. Additionally, a Tier III data center also meets specific requirements related to maintenance and management, such as the use of procedures for planning and executing maintenance and the training of personnel for managing the infrastructure.

LCL Data Centers obtained the Tier III Design certification from Uptime Institute in November 2019 for its second data center in Aalst, LCL Brussels-West 2. In August 2021, LCL Brussels-West 2 also received the Tier III Constructed Facility certification, which confirms that the construction of the data center meets all standards and is in accordance with the certified design plans. This makes LCL Data Centers the first and only Belgian company to have obtained both certifications from Uptime Institute.

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