A data center houses important business data full of sensitive information about your services, products, customers and employees. LCL's data centers are designed with five layers of physical security, 24/7 security personnel and modern access control systems.

  • Physical safety

Only registered customers are granted access to the data center. Registration takes place using an IRMA check (identity verification through a palm scan, facial recognition and eID) and after passing through a high-tech security checkpoint.

Further access to specific areas and sections is only granted through code-based or electronic access control from the checkpoint. The physical access process is also supported by the use of cameras and separate, secure server rooms.

  • Redundancy for more data security

At LCL, redundancy is another key word. All critical components such as climate control, power supply, and all backup systems are redundant. If there is a problem with the power supply and a generator does not work, there is always a system that can take over. Sometimes redundancy also applies to servers, when identical servers are housed in multiple locations, for example.

  • (Emergency) power supply

The security of data as well as equipment is crucial for a data center. Power supply is critical and must be continuously secured. This is ensured by a backup with (emergency) generators and batteries from the UPS batteries. Every month, we test whether this continuous power supply is working perfectly. These batteries are also used to convert all incoming alternating current into direct current so that the servers present are operated as they should.

  • Other safety measures

Furthermore, all data centers are equipped with a fire detection system and an automatic fire suppression system using an inert gas that removes oxygen from the air to 12.7%. A leak detection system immediately locates and signals the presence of water and a lightning rod protects against direct strikes and electrical disruptions.

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