• LCL Data Centers operates entirely on green energy, thanks in part to our own solar panels. We recently expanded our solar park in Gembloux with 1,300 solar panels, providing 1.6 MW or 30% of our own power. In addition to buying green energy, we also want to stimulate energy production in Belgium. Therefore, we plan to sign green energy supply contracts by 2023 and buy the full capacity of a local solar park. This ambitious project will bring together various partners and undoubtedly create an inspiring dynamic in the energy market.
  • One of the other initiatives that stands out the most in achieving the SBTi goals is the phased transition to renewable fuel HVO100 to power our five data centers. This alternative to traditional diesel emits 90% less CO2.
  • LCL was the first data center in Belgium to achieve the ISO 14001 certification for environmental management, proving that our environmental management system complies with international environmental legislation. This is thanks to our efforts, such as monitoring our power consumption, using cold corridors for efficient cooling, using 100% green energy, and using the environmentally-friendly extinguishing gas NOVEC 1230. But we don't stop there: we continue to work towards further reducing our ecological footprint.
  • Sustainable investment is essential for our current and future economy, and at LCL, we realize that. We have achieved a lot already, but we will continue to work towards a better environment in the future. The World Economic Forum emphasizes the importance of climate investments, and this is something we will always focus on. For example, we have plans to make our fleet of vehicles fully electric, and we will release our first ESG report in 2023 to underscore this milestone. We are also excited about the development of new cooling technologies for our data centers and hope to inspire other companies to follow our energy-conscious approach.
  • Finally, our sustainable thinking and environmental commitment are also beneficial to our customers. Their servers and telecom infrastructure are hosted with us, so our ambitious steps towards a better environment indirectly help them work more sustainably. We are also happy to share our energy-saving tips.

Find out more about sustainability at LCL here

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