What is co-creation?

The accelerated digital transformation requires diversity of knowledge and professional customization at the same time. Thanks to co-creation, different parties, such as customers and partners in a (digital) ecosystem, can share, combine, and improve their specific knowledge, skills, and ideas to create a transparent and flexible whole. Co-creation is therefore a joining of forces that focuses on collaboration and thinking together. It's an ideal way to innovate and find solutions in the connected world now and in the future and offers the best guarantee for an optimal customer experience.

How does LCL engage in co-creation?

LCL is a neutral, evolving digital platform or digital hub that involves its external partners (such as carriers or telecom operators, community partners, and managed service providers) in co-creating an optimal customer experience for your company. By bringing together different pieces within the (digital) ecosystem, we generate sustainable value for your company and a win-win situation for you and our business partners. Everything is therefore focused on your needs as a customer.

For example, to enable providers of media facilities and organizations active in the media and mediatech to collaborate efficiently within a large-scale data center, we embrace the MediaHub initiative, which was launched in Brussels. This way, we actively contribute to a solution for the different challenges of a dynamic media landscape that is becoming increasingly international.

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