The relocation of a data center is not a simple process: it involves much more than just unplugging some cables, transferring the IT equipment to the new location and reinstalling everything. Sometimes, the relocation of a data center can take weeks to months. Typically, several important factors are considered when moving a data center:

  • A good preparation: all the different phases of the move are mapped out and a fallback scenario is established.
  • Insurance against data loss: one or more additional backups of the data and comprehensive insurance for all equipment is necessary. Possible problem scenarios and solutions must be worked out in the fallback disaster recovery plan.
  • Optimization: a data center migration is ideal for a review of the current equipment. Which equipment is outdated and can be optimized in its setup?

At LCL, you can count on a network of reliable partners such as Getronics and DCS for the relocation of a data center infrastructure to one of our data centers.