Tier 3 data center – IBM certificate

Our LCL Brussels-North data center has been classified as a Tier 3 data center.

Data centers are assessed on a scale from 1 to 4, reflecting different levels of guarantees regarding the hardware utilised to ensure redundancy of the data center infrastructure.

A Tier 3 rating signifies a data center that is concurrently maintainable. We achieve this by resolutely opting for redundant infrastructure. All of our systems have been duplicated and are provided with a backup installation. This configuration makes it possible to manage maintenance cycles without affecting the continuity of the data center services provided on the servers. As part of our reliability protocol, LCL conducts regular generator tests every month.

These precautions ensure our data centers maintain full operational capacity, even amidst maintenance works, upgrades and grid power disruptions, safeguarding your business continuity at all times. Among other things, these activities are what sets Level 3 certified data centers apart from data centers with only Level 1 or 2 certification.

This Tier 3 certificate was awarded by IBM.