ISO 50001 certificate - BSI

LCL Wallonia One’s ISO 50001 certificate for energy management underlines our drive to explore more sustainable practices. It aligns with our dedication to decarbonisation and our active role in the net-zero transition. ISO 50001 is more than a certificate; it is a commitment to a sustainable ethos. This pursuit adheres to the Trias Energetica principles, emphasising the reduction of energy consumption, integration of renewable energy sources, and optimisation of fossil fuel use.

"The road to ISO 50001 wasn't just about meeting standards; it involved instilling a culture of energy consciousness. It's more than a certificate; it's a commitment to a sustainable ethos," notes Mieke Germonprez, Quality Manager and Safety Advisor at LCL.

The certification process encompasses:

  • Energy impact assessments.
  • A continual improvement process focussed on the energy efficiency.
  • Compliance audits.
  • Internal process audits.
  • The appointment of a dedicated energy coordinator

"Securing the ISO 50001 certification underscores our drive to explore more sustainable practices. Our data center is not just a technological data hub; it's a pilot project for responsible energy management for both LCL and the industry," emphasises Nicolas Coppée, Data Center Manager at LCL Wallonia One. "Considering a data center's energy consumption is comparable to a small city, prioritising energy efficiency is imperative for us."

Our commitment to being a sustainable data center company goes beyond certifications — it involves staff training, raising awareness, and integrating energy reduction into our DNA.

The ISO 50001 certificate was awarded by BSI.

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