ISO 14001 certificate – BSI

The ISO 14001 certificate shows that our Environmental Management System (EMS) complies with international environmental legislation. ISO 14001 provides us with a framework to design and implement an EMS, and continually improve the environmental impact of our operations. By adhering to this standard, we can ensure that we are taking proactive measures to minimise the ecological footprint of our data centers, complying with relevant legal requirements, and achieving our environmental objectives.

But what does this mean for a company?

  1. Environmental Care: By implementing an environmental management system in accordance with the ISO 14001 standard, organisations can reduce their environmental impact and enhance environmental performance. This contributes to a positive effect on the environment and demonstrates a commitment to sustainability.
  2. Operational Costs: ISO 14001 can aid in reducing operational costs. More efficient resource usage, waste management, and energy conservation are just a few ways companies can save money.
  3. Reputation: Achieving ISO 14001 certification can enhance a company’s reputation. Customers and stakeholders value sustainability and environmental awareness. Certification shows that a company is seriously engaged in environmental care.
  4. Legal Compliance: ISO 14001 assists companies in complying with environmental legislation and regulations. This reduces the risk of fines and sanctions.

In summary, ISO 14001 certification is not just beneficial for the environment but also provides advantages for businesses by fostering sustainability, reducing costs, and enhancing reputation. This certification aids in making processes more sustainable. Through this systematic approach, sustainable business practices are fully integrated into the existing management system.Top of Form

We continue to make constant efforts to reduce our ecological footprint. We obtained the ISO 14001 certificate by focusing, among other things, on: 

  • continuous monitoring of our data center power consumption to detect unnecessary consumption
  • cold corridors for efficient and local cooling of the servers
  • 100% green electricity
  • Providing NOVEC 1230, an ecological extinguishing gas that is harmless to humans and the environment

The ISO 14001 certificate was issued by BSI.