Trusto is a new way to store or send documents in an extremely secure environment. This digital platform is housed at LCL.

Banks, insurers, hospitals, telecommunication companies and other businesses can now store and send confidential data and documents using TRUSTO, a new digital platform. “It is safe to say that the TRUSTO platform provides a legal guarantee for one of the most secure archives,” said Patrick Van Buggenhout, one of the initiators behind the project.

TRUSTO offers an integrated concept of a hardware and software solution that supports the certification of the use of electronic documents (in particular electronic document and data traffic) and their archiving in a legally enforceable manner, through the exclusive intervention of a public official, in this case a bailiff who acts as a TTPO (Trusted Third Party Officer), among other things by applying the IATIS (Identification, Authentication, Timestamping, Integrity and Storage) principle. TRUSTO tracks the flow of a document from start to finish, both at the level of the parties involved and at document level. Authentication must be provided in order to use the platform. Without identification, documents cannot be uploaded, viewed, saved or sent. All of the movements of a document are recorded in a way that has legal effect with regard to third parties. Users wanting to send a confidential document only need to send a link to that document. In the case of registered mail, the recipients have to confirm their identity using an eID.

The development and launch of TRUSTO brought the best players in the market together. “Document handling company Joos-Comsmail, part of Group Joos, provides superior expertise in the area of personalized transactional documents, Hitachi Data Systems (HDS) is the supplier of the HCP 500XL platform, and LCL is our data center,” TTPO Patrick Van Buggenhout explained. “The environment for our hardware needed to be perfect and meet the highest standards. Market research revealed that LCL was the best housing partner. LCL's data center in Diegem has the highest level of certification, which is Tier III, and has the ISO certificates for environmental management and data security. Moreover, LCL guarantees that it will continue to invest in its infrastructure and maintain the technological lead it has over its competitors.”
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