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To provide you with an even better service, LCL has developed an online customer portal - the LCL Service Desk. This secure, personal online environment makes it easier to submit various requests to LCL's operations team.

You can use your personal account in the LCL Service Desk to request the following:
  • Access
  • Patches
  • Hands & Eyes service
  • Access reports
  • Deliveries
The customer portal provides a clear overview of all requests in one spot, thus ensuring greater transparency for your organization. In addition, the Service Desk immediately indicates which information you need to have to hand when making a particular request. The portal also facilitates faster processing by LCL's operations team.

Viktor D’Huys, ICT Manager at Group Joos, a printing business and digital service provider, appreciates the added value provided by the Service Desk: “Instead of having to print, sign, scan and return forms, we can now submit requests online through the platform. This handy tool enables smoother functioning in both directions.”

The Service Desk applications are currently being tested by several customers, which are helping LCL to identify aspects that can be further improved and any additions that are needed. The platform will be rolled-out further in the next few months. All clients should be able to use the system by the end of 2017.

At LCL, we keep working to make your life easier.
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