“Data centers are frequently overlooked, yet they are extremely important. They are the mainstay of the digital economy, and only the most advanced and modern data centers are able to respond to the ever-increasing pace of sector innovations in the world of technology. In addition, as infrastructure partners they need to ensure that companies can quickly connect and switch, and can also scale up if necessary when launching new services on the market.

Fujitsu excels in data center services, and Cegeka seeks to help make a difference through its own data centers. The awards were conferred shortly after the Argenta debacle – which took place within Cegeka's data centers – and this matter was obviously raised during the jury's deliberations.

The jury also noted, however, that the data center business is a market in itself, and that specialized providers certainly deserve to be given awards in this category. LCL is a challenger in the Belgian market, with satisfied customers and a first-rate infrastructure, and it constantly innovates and invests in further expansion. It is therefore a worthy winner of the Datacenter Company Award for Excellence.

Runners-up: Cegeka and Fujitsu.”

You can find out more about the other winners in the May edition of Data News and on the Data News website . Click here to watch the after movie of the Data News Awards 2018 .

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