A data centre, even a small one, is a huge investment for any organisation. It would therefore be a logical choice for most companies to opt for an external data centre. And yet there are countless organisations that still prefer to keep their data and applications within their company walls.

Sometimes this is a deliberate and motivated choice, driven by realistic economic and/or strategic reality. But for many companies, the choice could have been different if they had taken into account all the relevant arguments.

That is why we have decided to draw up a list of obvious reasons to opt for an external data centre instead of investing in your own infrastructure, and to discuss some arguments that are often used against external data centres.

This list can be found in this white paper. It includes arguments such as ease of mind, turning capex into opex, staffing issues and flexibility. But believe me, it doesn’t stop there.

Just 10?

We have rounded off to ten arguments for simplicity’s sake, but we could have come up with even more arguments, when taking your specific economic reality into account. You can of course always contact us to investigate the entire business case.

On top of these ten arguments, we have also listed the most commonly heard counterarguments and explain why these arguments are not always a reason to exclude external data centres.

The conclusion? There are more reasons to opt for an external data centre than you think. And the reasons not to opt for outsourcing may prove less valid than you thought.

We are sure that this white paper will provide you with some arguments you hadn’t thought of before. If you wish to discuss this further with our team, you are welcome to contact us here.

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