The Belgian data center is transforming its lawn into an eco-pasture

Gembloux, 1 June 2022 – The data centers specialist LCL is calling on sheep to graze its green spaces. Around a dozen sheep are roaming around the one-hectare solar park at LCL Wallonia One, starting this morning. To make a success of this project, LCL Data Centers is collaborating with Sheep Solution, a local company that places the sheep and looks after them on site. This innovation is very much in line with LCL’s sustainability strategy.

LCL Data Centers is collaborating with Sheep Solution to naturally maintain the lawn of its solar park in Gembloux. This will help to reduce fuel consumption whilst fostering biodiversity.

The choice of eco-pasture

LCL Data Centers has opted to put a dozen or so sheep out to graze on the lawn of its one-hectare solar park in Gembloux. This sustainable alternative to lawn mowers neatly fits in with the company’s own vision.

“We’ve long been seeking an environmentally friendly way to maintain our lawn in Gembloux. After a few investigations, we concluded that sheep are the best choice. They are agile and can easily walk among the solar panels. When the weather is poor, they can also shelter beneath the panels,” notes Laurens van Reijen, Managing Director of LCL Data Centers.

By using sheep this way, LCL Data Centers will reduce its fuel consumption for grass-cutting on the green spaces. Moreover, the data centers specialist no longer needs to worry about maintaining its ground there. Lastly, this solution will help to boost biodiversity on site, and improve the soil quality and more widely contribute to the greening of our cities.

A sustainable collaboration with local actors

Keen to ensure sustainability and animal well-being, LCL specifically chose to collaborate with a local company. Sheep Solution specialises in placing sheep on sites and looking after them, in Wallonia and Brussels.

According to Amélie Jacques, co-founder of Sheep Solution, “It’s wonderful to work with LCL Data Centers. We have already installed our solution at hospitals and traditional companies, but this is the first time that we’ve grazed our sheep between solar panels. So this is a unique project. The local aspect also played a key role in this collaboration. LCL Wallonia One and Sheep Solution are both based in Gembloux, which created a bond between us.”

Initially, the sheep will stay at LCL Wallonia One for one year, after which time both parties will assess the solution. Normally, the contract will simply be extended.

About Sheep Solution

Sheep Solution was founded in November 2018 by two women, Amélie and Céline, who are passionate about animals and nature. The Gembloux-based company offers a green alternative to traditional lawn mowers: eco-pasturing by sheep.

Sheep Solution places the sheep on site and looks after every aspect linked to the presence of the animals (care, etc.). All companies in the region and, more broadly, Brussels and Wallonia can make use of this solution.

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