Phase 2 of the expansion works at the LCL data center in Diegem has started. In an earlier video, you saw how a team of experts were let loose with a wrecking ball and crowbars on the outbuilding in Kouterveldstraat in Diegem.

The demolition works have now been completed. At this moment, 700 m² of extra data center infrastructure is being installed for existing and new customers.

LCL continues to go for growth. After the expansion of its data center in Aalst from 1,200 m² to 1,500 m² in 2014, the Diegem site is next in line. LCL has allocated an investment budget totaling about 2,500,000 EUR for these alterations.

The building next to the current LCL data center housed a number of data center activities of Level 3 Communications. The end of the lease created a huge opportunity for LCL to expand our own data center infrastructure. The building that was made available offers space for at least 300 racks, which means that our data center capacity will be increased by more than 30%.

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